Monday, January 30, 2012

My Predictions For Who Will Win The 2012 Florida Primary

With the Florida Primary election taking place tomorrow, I will make my prediction as to who will win. Here they are: 
Mitt Romney: 44
Newt Gingrich:`29
Rick Santorum: 16
Ron Paul: 11
Mitt Romney will most likely win Florida by a huge margin. Many people have said that if Mitt Romney wins Florida, he will most likely have the GOP nomination all wrapped up. The race isn't over yet..I don't foresee Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul dropping out anytime soon. Rick Santorum will probably stay in the race but it really depends on how his daughter is doing.   
However, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have an uphill battle after Florida because the primary elections will becoming fast and hard. Except for Romney, none of the other candidates, with the exception of maybe Ron Paul, have the staff, resources and organization to keep up with the increase in pace of elections.
Let me share with you what the race looks like up until Super Tuesday. The next primary race is in Nevada on February 4th and Mitt Romney will definitely win in that state. After that, on February 7th in which three states will be holding elections: Colorado (caucus), Minnesota (caucus) and Missouri Missouri. A few weeks later on February 28th, Arizona and Michigan will hold their primary Washington will hold their primary on March 3rd and then a few days later will be Super Tuesday in which 10 states will be holding their primaries or caucuses. Those states are: Alaska (caucus), Georgia (primary), Idaho (caucus), Massachusetts (primary), North Dakota (caucus), Ohio (primary), Oklahoma (primary), Tennessee (primary), Vermont (primary) and Virginia (primary). 
Its hard to predict how well each of the candidates will do after Florida but I can tell you that Mitt Romney will win most of the primaries up until Super Tuesday. I expect all of the candidates to stay in until Super Tuesday.  I do think Rick Santorum will drop out after that and it will be down to Romney, Paul and Gingrich after Super Tuesday. 

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