Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mitt Romney's Victory Makes History In New Hampshire

Although the results from the New Hampshire primary is still rolling in, Mitt Romney has been declared the winner. Mitt Romney has done what no Presidential candidate has ever done and that is to win Iowa and New Hampshire:
Seconds after the polls closed tonight Fox News called the New Hampshire Primary's winner as Mitt Romney. They also said that his victory would be substantial. This makes Romney the first non-incumbent to win both early states of Iowa and New Hampshire. No candidate has ever gotten the Republican nomination without winning one or the other. No other candidate, except a sitting president, has ever won both.
Romney gave a great and inspiring victory speech that I highly recommend everyone to read or watch. I had just come home from a very long day at work and when I sat down to eat dinner in front of the television, I was elated to find out that Mitt had won. I was expecting this to be a long and drawn out process. I was surprised that victory came so quickly. 
Mitt Romney will now be heading down to South Carolina where eleven days from now, we will have our first southern primary. Some people think that Mitt Romney is in for a very long fight to win the Republican nomination. Others think that Romney that he will wrap up the presidential primaries pretty quickly and they make a compelling case for it:
But the Romney camp is making a fairly explicit argument this morning that the race will be over much sooner than that. In a memo this morning, Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul writes — complete with the chart below — that since many of Romney's GOP rivals have missed ballot deadlines in one or more states, they'll be unable to amass enough delegates to keep their campaigns going.
Whether or not Mitt Romney can end the nomination battle quickly may depends on how things shake out in South Carolina. For many of the Republican candidates, it will be the state that will determine whether or not they can stop Romney and see if they can find a way remain in the running for the GOP nomination. South Carolina will be where some of them will make their last stand:
South Carolina is the 2012 Republican GOP primary to watch this year because its the last chance for the anti-Romney candidates to take down Mitt Romney.  Most of the 2012 candidates (except Jon Huntsman) knows this and they have been developing their campaign strategy based on this fact.  This can be clearly seen with Rick Perry who flew directly to South Carolina and is skipping the New Hampshire Primary.
However, even if they one of the other Republican candidates win South Carolina, they'll still have to face Mitt in Florida and beyond. in the rest of the primary elections. Moreover, they'll have to overcome the fact that many of them failed or didn't complete the filing requirements for many of the state ballots. Mitt Romney has made sure he will fight for every delegate by making sure he's on the ballot in each and every state. 
I think in the end, no matter what the other GOP candidates will do, Mitt Romney will be the Republican 2012 nominee who will boot Obama from the White House and become the next President of the United States.

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