Tuesday, January 3, 2012

BREAKING: Mitt Romney Wins The 2012 Iowa Republican Caucus!!

Its official. Mitt Romney wins the Iowa Caucus by just 8 votes! Iowa GOP Chairman Matt Strawn just announced a few minutes ago that they got a record and historic turnout tonight and reports the numbers: Mitt: 30,015, Santorum: 30,007. This was also the most historic race since its the closest caucus race in Iowa history. 
Before the official announcement was made, Karl Rove said on Fox News that his sources reported that Mitt Romney would win by 14: 
A source tells Karl Rove that when all is counted, they will say that Mitt Romney will win the Iowa caucuses by 14 votes. The source told Rove earlier that the two outstanding precincts were in Keokuk and Clinton counties which was exactly right.
Congrats to Mitt Romney for the victory and I look forward to him being the first candidate to win the Iowa and New Hampshire Primaries. 

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