Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mitt Romney Wins Florida Primary!!

Mitt Romney won the Florida primary by a huge margin: 
Lets take take a look at the results of each county in Florida: 
Let's take a look at election results to see where we were in 2008 and just how big this win was for Mitt Romney tonight.Statewide in 2008, Mitt Romney lost to John McCain by a margin of 36% to 31%, a four-point deficit. In 2012, Romney improved upon his statewide total to win 46% to 32%, a resounding 14-point victory.

With tonight's victory in Florida in which Mitt received 50 delegates, he has a huge lead over all the other candidates in getting the 1,444 delegates needed to win the Republican nomination: 
Mitt Romney's victory is significant because it was a closed primary in which it was only limited to registered Republicans. This fact is important because despite what you hear in the conservative or liberal media, blogs and magazines, Mitt Romney had a lot more conservative/Republican support than they would like you to believe. Mitt Romney received strong support in almost every demographic in Florida with the exception of the "very conservative" vote:
Mitt Romney swept to victory in the Florida primary Tuesday night by winning nearly every income, age, religious, ideological, and ethnic group – falling short only among the one third of Florida Republican voters who called themselves “very conservative” and among the 40 percent who described themselves as white evangelical Christians, although he only narrowly lost among the latter group, according to the network exit polls.
The former Massachusetts governor displayed especially strong appeal to Latino voters – winning 53 percent of them – and to married women, to self-described moderates (winning 62 percent of them), to wealthier voters, and to those who said that the ability to defeat President Obama was the quality that most mattered to them – more so than the candidate’s experience, character or true conservatism. Nearly three out of five the voters who said beating Obama is the top priority voted for Romney.
The exit poll results demonstrate that Mitt Romney has a broad support from a wide spectrum of conservatives. I believe that we see similar polling results in future primaries. 
As far as future primaries go, things are only going to get better for Mitt Romney. He's the only candidate who has the resources, finances, and organization to compete in multiple states at a time. He's also made the ballot on every state. 
The most important fact to take away from tonight's victory is that Mitt Romney demonstrated that he's a fighter and that he can bounce back from a loss in South Carolina and deliver a hard punch back to Newt in Florida. Democrats are preparing give Mitt Romney a taste of his own medicine by going after him the same way Romney has gone after Gingrich. However, Mitt Romney is excited and eager to use all of his political firepower that he possesses to blast Obama out of office. 

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