Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mitt Romney Officially The GOP Nominee At The GOP Convention

Today, Mitt Romney officially become the Republican nominee. They conducted a finall delegate tally and he received 2,061 delegates which is well above the 1,144 delegate needed to become the nominee. 
Its been a long journey for Mitt Romney who ran for President in 2008 and like Reagan, decided to make another run for the White House. He fought hard in each of the primaries in the 2012 election and built a strong momentum that helped him win Super Tuesday. He endured tough debates and took on multiple Republican challengers. Mitt Romney had to endure attacks on his faith and his successful career by people within the GOP party. Finally, Mitt Romney was able to get enough delegates needed to win the GOP primaries.  Looking back on the 2012 primaries, Mitt Romney mastered the fundamentals of running for office and that's why he's the GOP nominee to go head to head with Obama.
I have heard and read comments from some people who are still unhappy with him as the GOP nominee. There were numerous attempt to stop Mitt Romney. Each primary was an opportunity to stop Mitt. Republican voters had alternatives to choose from if they didn't want to vote for Mitt. However, Mitt proved himself to be an effective, smart and \superior candidate who deserved to win the nomination. 
Looking forward to the election in November, Mitt Romney is a serious threat to Obama. Obama has been relentless in attacking Romney and has burned through alot of money to unsuccessfully take him down. Mitt Romney has been just as aggressive with Obama as he has with his GOP competitors in the GOP 2012 primary. Mitt Romney has also been an aggressive fundraiser for which Obama may not be able to compete with him since due to the amount of money Barack spent during the summer against Mitt. 
Based on Mitt's experience in the private and public sector, looking at how he campaigned in the 2012 primaries, how well he's done so far,  picking Paul Ryan to be his VP and going after Obama, Mitt Romney will be our next President in 2012. 
P.S. I want to thank fellow Mitt Romney supporters and bloggers and volunteers in helping him become the GOP nominee. I have admired you hard work and dedication. I also want tell you how awesome the people behind Mitt Romney Central are and that they have done a great job keeping people informed about Mitt Romney. Good job everybody!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Investigating Sarah Palin's Mysterious Delegate Packages At The GOP Convention

I have received numerous messages from various people asking me if I could verify a claim made by a Ron Paul blogger named "wincap" that supporters of Sarah Palin are going around at the Ron Paul events in Tampa Florida and passing out or mailing packages attempting to woo Paul supporters/delegates into voting for Sarah Palin in the event that a brokered convention occurs:
Sara Palin is in town and playing games, she is trying to steal the nomination, she sent out packets to all of the delegates asking them to vote for her if there is a brokered convention and she is trying to cause a brokered convention. I spoke to delegates at my booth who said they received the packet. None of our delegates will vote for her, putting my dislike for her aside, if she helps with a brokered convention I am fine with it because I think we could win a brokered convention.
I can confirm the source of where these packets might be coming from. There is a news report of a pro-Palin group called The Earthquake Movement who appear to be the source of these delegate packets: 
According to an email from a representative of The Earthquake Movement, the group has sent informational packets to delegates around the country, asking them to be one of the five required majority state delegations needed to nominate Palin in the first round of voting at the Republican National Convention. The packets also ask for delegates to nominate Palin in the second round if presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney does not receive the required number of delegates in the first round.

The Earthquake Movement has also distributed information on Palin's "record, accomplishments and why we think she is the person who can excite the base and defeat President Obama in November."

"We are finding a lot of unhappy Republican voters," the email said. "They feel like the RNC is not listening to them and based on voter turn out in the primaries and what we are hearing from Conservative Americans, they want her to emerge from the convention as the nominee. They are also very angry that she was not given a prime time speaking spot at the convention and are wondering if the RNC is attempting to shut her out because her message resonates with so many of us fly-overs. Are they afraid if she speaks prior to the vote or at all, we will have an averted Reagan experience?" 
One California Ron Paul supporter who is a delegate has claimed that he received the package in the mail:
In fact, if you look at one of the pages of The Earthquake Movement's website, you can see them making a pitch to delegates on the legality of nominating Sarah Palin as the GOP nominee and encouraging them to take a stand to nominate her. They also encourage the delegates to buck the system and they support an "open convention" (brokered convention). They also have a blog called A Servant's Heart which puts up much of the information found on the website on the blog.
On the The Earthquake Movement's facebook page, you can see a post of them discussing the packages and their strategy for making a brokered convention happen:  
Thus, it is highly likely that members of this group may have been at the GOP Convention distributing these packets to potential delegates who are supporters of Ron Paul. Given that the existence of these packages, it may be a matter of time before the contents of these packages show up on the news or on a blog site. I know that contents of the packages are somewhere on line since I have seen people talk about reading the documents and watching a DVD on the the Internet. Perhaps someone can put the entire contents of the package on a blog or send it to me.
What I find interesting is that there are two kinds of politicians. First, there those those who put party above themselves such as Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum who both have released their delegates to Mitt Romney. Then there are politicians who put themselves above the party such as Sarah Palin and Ron Paul who have no delegates yet have said nothing or done nothing to stop their supporters who wish to circumvent the nomination process by attempting to engineer a brokered convention to nominate someone other than candidate who legitimately and successfully obtained the GOP nomination.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sarah Palin Warns That A Third Party Could Form If The GOP Doesn't Get The Platform Right

Today, in the same interview where Sarah Palin told viewers on Fox News to vote for Mitt Romney, she also warned that a third party could form if the Republican party doesn't articulate conservative principles on the GOP platform:  
When asked if she would consider creating a third party if neither Gov. Romney nor President Obama would budge from their current positions on a variety of issues, Palin left open the door.
"Look what happened in the mid 1800's. The Wig party went away and the Republican Party surfaced. Because the electorate got sick and tired of the party fighting for power and not doing the will of the people."
Palin went on to say history could repeat itself.
"If history is an indication it is a possibility," she said. "If the Republicans don't remember what the planks in the platform represent ... that is opportunity to prosper and thrive in the most exceptional nation in the world. We do that through a free market. If the Republicans become like the liberal left and democrats, I wouldn't be surprised if history didn't repeat itself."
Her statement could be be interpreted in two different ways. On one hand, she could be issuing the same warning that Senator Rick Santorum did a few months ago about not allowing Ron Paul or his supporters to mess with the GOP platform. 
Yet, her statements could be interpreted differently when you take into account the recent news that Sarah Palin maybe trying to engineer a brokered convention so that she can get herself nominated as the GOP nominee. She may be trying to take the same approach as the Ron Paul supporters by attempting to get a brokered convention to happen so that Ron Paul will become the GOP nominee. The supporters of Ron Paul are also trying to change the GOP platform and its possible that Sarah Palin is trying to do the same thing here as well. In fact, in browsing through blogs that support either Ron Paul or Sarah Palin, there have been repeated statements of mutual admiration and support for such tactics. 
I'm not sure which way to interpret her statement. I have no problems with her statement if she means to warn people about the consequences of diluting the GOP platform and I actually agree with her on that. However, if her statement is part of her rumored strategy to get a brokered convention going, I have strong objections to it. For now, I will simply just wait and see which interpretation is correct.

The Two Faces Of Sarah Palin At The 2012 National Republican Convention

Today, Sarah Palin was on Fox News and she answered a question posed to her on twitter of "whether the viewer should vote at all if she doesn't like the candidates" by telling the person to vote for Mitt Romney. 
However, Sarah Palin doesn't seem to be following her own advice since there is evidence that she is trying to make a brokered convention. In fact, there is a new report coming out today from the Ron Paul Delegates at the GOP Convention that Sarah Palin is trying to pull Ron Paul supporters into voting for her in the event that the desired brokered convention occurs:
Sara Palin is in town and playing games, she is trying to steal the nomination, she sent out packets to all of the delegates asking them to vote for her if there is a brokered convention and she is trying to cause a brokered convention. I spoke to delegates at my booth who said they received the packet. None of our delegates will vote for her, putting my dislike for her aside, if she helps with a brokered convention I am fine with it because I think we could win a brokered convention.
Sarah Palin just exposed herself as two faced politician since she's advocating people to vote for Mitt Romney on television but apparently working to make a brokered convention happen. That's why its not surprising that why Sarah Palin not being invited to the GOP convention or why she hasn't been allowed to have an opportunity to speak at the convention. You can't expect to be invited to an event if you intend to undermine that event and have not been supportive of the GOP nominee.  
I call on everyone from simple voters to news reporters to conservative commentators to RNC chairmen to call her out on her duplicitous behavior and speech. Is she really loyal to the GOP party? Does she really want Mitt to win in 2012? If so, why is she trying to engineer a brokered convention? If she's not trying to engineer a brokered convention, why are there reports that she is?  
I'd love to see her answer those questions live on television or on the radio.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Mitt Romney Trying To Prevent Mutiny At The 2012 GOP Convention

Although the GOP National Convention is starting up on Monday, there is a lot of action going on behind the scenes. Much of the drama is around Ron Paul's supporters who have wormed their way into becoming delegates at the convention and are still dreaming of a brokered convention in which they can crown Ron Paul as the GOP nominee. 
However, Ron Paul did not agree with his supporters that it was a good idea. Moreover, even if he wanted to get a brokered convention, it would not have worked since he hasn't won any delegates in any of the 2012 primaries including Louisiana. To prevent a mutiny at the GOP convention, Mitt Romney is currently in discussions with the the Ron Paul delegates in which Mitt Romney will allow some disputed Ron Paul delegates to be seated at the convention. Yet at the same time, Romney is also working to eliminate some of the delegates as well. and to possibly include some items on the GOP platform. Thus, the old rumors that Mitt Romney might be adding Ron Paul's "Audit the Fed" campaign to the GOP platform might be coming true as Mitt negotiates with these delegates. 
Although Romney might be allowing certain disputed delegates to sit at the convention, Mitt and the Republican party are doing whatever they can to ensure that the proper candidate is nominated as the GOP nominee Paulbots. They have amended the rules to require delegates to vote for the person that won that state's primary or to vote for the candidate they pledged to vote for:
Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, led by top Romney lawyer Ben Ginsberg, forced through a major change the GOP nominating process on Friday in response to Ron Paul supporters’ efforts to win delegates to the Republican National Committee..
The Republican National Convention Committee voted 56-40 to make it impossible for supporters of one presidential candidate to override the will of voters at a state convention, as Ron Paul supporters did in Iowa and Nevada.
The purpose of the change, Ginsberg said, was “to correct what we saw as a damaging flaw in the presidential election process in 2012.”
The rule forces statewide presidential primaries or caucuses to determine the ultimate allocation of delegates, preventing takeovers like Paul executed in Iowa by eliminating unbound delegates in statewide contests. States would be allowed to decide whether to give all their delegates to the winner of the primary or caucus, or distribute them proportionally according to the results.
“Iowa will have to change the way they do it,” said a GOP official.
A second component of the amendment would require delegates to be approved by presidential candidates, lessening the chances of technically pledged delegates voting for a different candidate.
Another step that Mitt Romney and the Republican party are taking to prevent shenanigans from the Ron Paul delegates is to move up the day the formal nomination takes place. Typically, the nomination occurs on the third day of the convention but due to concerns over the weather and a possible mutiny from the Paulbots, they are moving the formal nomination to the first day of the convention. However, the Romney Campaign are denying that they are moving up the date of the nomination.
The Romney campaign are also taking other aggressive steps such as making it clear who is being nominated at this convention: 
Using a mix of charm and procedural hardball, Mitt Romney’s campaign and his allies who control the Republican National Committee have ensured that the Texas congressman will neither speak nor be formally nominated at next week’s convention. It’s a significant victory for Romney, who could have been faced with a raucous rebellion from the Paul crowd if he hadn’t extended an early, and diplomatic, olive branch to what’s become a key constituency.
However, there are reports that there will be a filmed tribute to Ron Paul as a way of making the Paulbots happy. 
I understand that politics is about the art of compromise and negotiations. It irks me that the Romney campaign has to do what it can to please the Paulbots without making people wonder if the convention about Ron Paul or Mitt Romney. 
However, politics is also the art of winning. Mitt Romney went through a grueling nomination process and won. Mitt Romney shouldn't be wasting time trying to battle the Paulbots ahead of the convention,  preventing an uprising and making sure he won the nomination. The real battle is to unseat Obama but  I'm getting the feeling that this isn't the top priority of the Ron Paul supporters. It boggles my mind why the Romney campaign is even engaging in this ridiculous drama with the Paulbots in the first place. 
Another thing that annoys me is that there are no reports of Ron Paul stepping in to help resolve the situation but is letting his supporters go wild. At least Newt Gingich has the good character of giving his delegates to Mitt Romney. Ron Paul should follow Newt's lead and tell the delegates to support Mitt Romney. 
Perhaps what bothers me the most is that there is a reason why Sarah Palin not being invited to the GOP convention or why she hasn't been allowed to have an opportunity to speak at the convention. You can't expect to be invited to an event if you intend to undermine that event and have not been supportive of the GOP nominee. I think the same policy applies to Ron Paul and his supporters. You should not be allowed to participate in the event if you plan to undermine the event and still not supportive of the nominee even though that candidate won the necessary delegates to become the GOP nominee.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Newt Gingrich Releases His Delegates For The National Republican Convention

Newt Gingrich has just released a open letter to the Republican Party releasing his bound or pledged delegates and urges everyone to unite behind Mitt Romney. Read the letter below:  
August 21, 2012
Dear Delegates:
With the Republican National Convention beginning in Tampa within the next few days, it is time now for all Republicans to come together in common purpose to defeat President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. Everyone must do their part and Callista and I are committed to doing everything that we can.
Toward that end, I hereby release all delegates bound or pledged to me under any and all state laws or party rules. At the same time, I call upon them and all Americans committed to a safer and more prosperous American future to join Callista and me in strongly supporting the Romney-Ryan ticket. Together, we can and will defeat Barack Obama in November.
Your friend,

Newt Gingrich

Monday, August 20, 2012

There Will Be No Brokered GOP Convention

With the Republican National Convention in Tampa Florida coming up next week, there are still those who yearn for a brokered convention. Many of Ron Paul's supporters were hoping that he would push for it but it appeared that Ron Paul did not agree with his supporters that it was a good idea. Moreover, even if he wanted to get a brokered convention, it would not have worked since he hasn't won any delegates in any of the 2012 primaries including Louisiana. Ron Paul will provide a different kind of excitement at the GOP convention since he will be rocking the GOP convention by hosting a fun rally and after party.
However, that is not to say that Ron Paul won't have an impact on the GOP convention. Despite the fact that people like Rick Santorum strongly warned against any attempt by Ron Paul and his supporters to not mess with the GOP platform, the old rumors that Mitt Romney might be adding Ron Paul's "Audit the Fed" campaign to the GOP platform might be coming true as Mitt ponders including it this year's platform. Ron Paul's idea is the only good idea he's ever had and the idea of auditing the Fed is currently making its way though congress.  I'm open to adding that to the GOP platform but any other request from Ron Paul supporters to add more items on the platform is asking too much.
I don't think Ron Paul was ever serious about making a brokered convention happen. However, there is evidence that Sarah Palin wants it to happen. Ann Coulter explains why having her lead a brokered convention is a bad idea: 
Coulter, who was asked about the prospects of a brokered Republican convention, hinted — as she has done in the past – that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is promoting the idea because she would like to be considered for the GOP nomination should a brokered convention occur. Coulter warned that selecting a candidate that way would void the vetting process that has weeded out inferior candidates.
“One of the ones promoting that [a brokered convention] is Sarah Palin, who has suggested herself as the choice,” Coulter said. “I think as long as it’s between us girls — I’ve been observing something about her. I don’t think it’s likely to happen. I don’t know what these people are cheering for. As I wrote in a column a few weeks back, who is this dream candidate we’re hoping to get from the convention, because Rick Perry used to be the dream candidate. Can we see them in a debate first?”
As a result, it should be clear why Sarah Palin not being invited to the GOP convention or why she hasn't been allowed to have an opportunity to speak at the convention. You can't expect to be invited to an event if you intend to undermine that event and have not been supportive of the GOP nominee. 
Presidential conventions in both parties are highly scripted and highly managed events. With regards to the 2012 GOP Convention, its possible that anything could happen but the Republican Party will ensure that everything will go as planned.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Are We Mature Enough To Face Our Economic Problems?

Although we are currently $15 trillion in debt, the forecast of our economic future is bleak. Recently, a report was published that looked at the future liabilities to future revenue to be $222 trillion:
The U.S. fiscal gap, calculated (by us) using the Congressional Budget Office’s realistic long-term budget forecast -- the Alternative Fiscal Scenario -- is now $222 trillion. Last year, it was $211 trillion. The $11 trillion difference -- this year’s true federal deficit -- is 10 times larger than the official deficit and roughly as large as the entire stock of official debt in public hands.
This fantastic and dangerous growth in the fiscal gap is not new. In 2003 and 2004, the economists Alan Auerbach and William Gale extended the CBO’s short-term forecast and measured fiscal gaps of $60 trillion and $86 trillion, respectively. In 2007, the first year the CBO produced the Alternative Fiscal Scenario, the gap, by our reckoning, stood at $175 trillion. By 2009, when the CBO began reporting the AFS annually, the gap was $184 trillion. In 2010, it was $202 trillion, followed by $211 trillion in 2011 and $222 trillion in 2012.
The ultimate issue of this election and beyond is the question of how mature are we going to be about the economy. Are we going to take the economy seriously and handle these issues like adults or are we going to be immature about it? Adults deal with serious issues in a mature way and take a long term perspective in dealing with problems and has a willingness to make tough and painful decisions. Being immature means taking a short sighted view of the problem and only considering our wants at the present moment regardless of how it affects others.
Mitt Romney picking Paul Ryan as his running mate for 2012 is a call for a serious discussion about our nation's economy. More specifically, we need to have a serious discussion about our entitlement programs. Voters will be learning alot about Paul Ryan's “Roadmap” to prosperity plan which is a fabulous plan to reduce our national debt and reform our entitlement programs. Here's a brief synopsis of his plan: 
1)    It would spend $40.135 trillion over 10 years, compared with the $46.959 trillion the White House said its budget would spend over 10 years.
2)    It would bring in $37.008 trillion in tax revenue over 10 years, compared with $40.274 trillion in the White House plan.
3)    Lowers tax rates and cuts tax breaks. But the report doesn’t say which tax breaks would be targeted for new limits or elimination.
4)    Overturns the White House’s health care law and replaces it with changes. New Medicare rules would not go into effect for those already using the program or about to qualify for benefits. They would be able to use the existing program.
5)    On Medicare, it would give Americans a choice to enroll in a Medicare-type plan. The government would subsidize part of the payments for private-run insurance plans. Mr. Ryan believes this competition between firms “will help ensure guaranteed affordability.” For the poor or those with more health risks, Medicare would offer additional assistance.
6)    The Medicare piece is perhaps the biggest flashpoint in the entire plan. The White House and Democrats have said it would gut benefits for seniors, and even former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has kept some distance from it.
7)    On Medicaid, the budget would turn it into a federal block grant program, “thus freeing states to tailor their Medicaid programs to the unique needs of their own populations.”
8)    The plan offers no details for changes to Social Security, other than calling on Congress and the White House to pursue modifications to it.
9)    On taxes, the plan calls for two individual income tax rates – 10% and 25%. It also proposes “clearing out the burdensome tangle of loopholes that distort economic activity,” but it doesn’t identify which ones should be cut.
10)   It calls for overhauling the corporate tax code by gutting exemptions and lowering the top corporate rate from 35% to 25%.
11)   The Ryan budget would reduce the deficit to just 3% of gross domestic product by fiscal year 2014, three years faster than the White House estimated its plan would reach that level. For comparison, the deficit is expected to be $1.2 trillion this year, 7.8% of GDP.
12)   The Ryan budget would not, at least according to its 10-year window, balance the budget, as tax revenue would always lag behind spending.
Although Romney certain parts of Ryan's plans, Mitt will offer his own proposals for Medicare which will be different in many ways from Paul Ryan's plan.
However,  it appears that the public is not mature enough to handle the cuts required to maintain America's financial security. Furthermore, Americans want to keep their entitlement programs as they have it yet somehow reduce the debt. Americans want to have their cake and eat it as demonstrated in a recent poll showed that 78% of Americans oppose cutting spending on Medicare while another poll shows that 48% of Americans are willing to see Medicare spending cut to reduce debt. At the same time, people are loosing faith in programs such as Social Security.
We cannot have it both ways. It is clear that Americans are conflicted and inconsistent on what to do about entitlement programs. This election will require the voters to make up its mind in dealing with the entitlement programs that drive up our national debt.
It is an undeniable fact that entitlement programs are the single largest driver of our debt. The only solution to reducing our staggering debt is to reform these programs. If we do not fix this problem right now, it will be the beginning of the decline of our great country.
Democrats, liberals and progressives have absolutely zero interest in reforming our entitlement programs because they believe in redistribution of wealth despite the fact soaking the rich cannot sustain the way our government operates right now. They are in denial that social security is having problems. Instead, their solution is to preserve the entitlement programs as they are now and make deep cuts in other programs. This plan will not work because no matter how much you cut in other programs, the amount we spend in entitlement programs is larger than what we spend in other programs.
Democrats have already gone on the offensive by engaging in "Mediscare" attacks on Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Both men have already defended their position on reforming Medicare and other entitlement programs. 
The effect of these Mediscare attacks on this election remains to be seen but the effects of these attacks isn't as important as what it reveals about the democratic party. The Democratic party wants to keep the public from acting like adults in addressing our nation's economic problems. That's why they have make complete lies about Republicans wanting to end Medicare in order to keep the voters from having the confidence to make the tough decisions that we need to make. Democrats know that a large majority of Americans are on these programs, that they are dependent on these programs even though some or most don't want to be but that due to the poor economy and that they get extra money, they don't want to let go of these benefits. They also know that if the voters can vote themselves to get benefits, they will vote for the party that will deliver it to them.
Obama and the Democratic party have not been responsible in managing the economy and they don't want you to keep them responsible for it. Unemployment is above 8%, our deficit is exploding, they have not passed a budget since Obama has been in office and the President hasn't meet with his economic advisors for a while now. 
Unlike Obama, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan recognize that Washington has a spending problem not a revenue problem and that despite attacks from the left, they and their fellow Republicans do have clear, actionable plans for balancing the budget and reducing the national debt.
Mitt Romney picking Paul Ryan as his running mate for 2012 is a call for a serious discussion about our nation's economy. That discussion starts with the American people looking introspectively and asking themselves if they are mature and adult enough in making the necessary cuts, reforms and changes to fix the problem. That also means accepting the the truth is that as much as Washington D.C. is the problem, we are also the problem if we cannot face these problems maturely. We get the government we deserve since our political leaders come from our communities to our nation's capital. Plato is to have said, “The states are as the men are. They grow out of human characters.” 
As a result, the central question of the 2012 election will be: are we mature enough to make the tough choices ahead? If we are, then the mature choice in this election is to vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Breaking: Paul Ryan is Mitt Romney's VP!!!

Back in the early days of the 2012 election, there were talk of the possibility of Paul Ryan running for President and he denied any plans of throwing his hat in the ring. Yesterday, rumors starting swirling like a F5 tornado all day today about who Mitt Romney's pick would be. MSNBC and CBS declared late last night that the VP was Congressman Paul Ryan. However, Mitt Romney himself confirmed that Paul Ryan is the VP on the U.S.S. Minnesota.
Having Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney's VP is a logical and bold choice for Mitt Romney. Lets go through each of those reasons.
Paul Ryan is a logical choice for Mitt Romney since the economy is still the top concern for American voters. He just doesn't talk about fixing the economy and reforming the government, he has actually put forward concrete plans. Paul Ryan's “Roadmap” is a fabulous plan to reduce our national debt. It is a bold, innovative, controversial and smart plan to head off the entitlement time bomb that America faces. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan share a vision of how to fix our economy. Paul Ryan liked Mitt's economic plan since a lot his ideas were similar to Paul Ryan's.
I think everyone, including libertarians, should be at least intrigued, if not excited, about a Romney/Ryan ticket because there is a legitimate complaint that American has been more focused on fixing problems abroad than at home. A Romney/Ryan ticket would be a strong indication that Mitt Romney plans to really focus on the problems here in America rather than abroad.  Moreover, by picking Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney is attempting to offer the American people the starkest and most interesting choice on domestic policy that Americans haven't seen in a very long time. If we were back in the 1980's, this would have been a Reagan/Kemp ticket.
Moreover, the ticket is a devastating blow to Obama when it comes to the issue of the economy. As we all know, Obama is weak on the economy because he's never taken the economy seriously. Moreover, Obama and the Democrats haven't passed a budget yet and will be the first President in history not to have passed a budget.
The Romney/Ryan team is an interesting and historic ticket given that it is a Mormon/Catholic ticket.  Its also a historic ticket because both religions have experienced discrimination in the US. There was a time that it was unheard of for a Catholic or a Mormon to be on a major ticket. This is a strong indication that we have come a long way since the 1960's when it comes to accepting a candidate based on his religion.
Picking Paul Ryan should appeal to religious conservatives since both men are pro-life. Moreover, Catholics have been turned off by the way Obama mislead the Catholic Church on the contraceptive issue. Its also a strong attempt to go after the Catholic vote. 
Romney's choice is should also be appealing to the TEA party conservatives. Paul Ryan has been a rising star for this emerging section of the Republican party. He's been called the intellectual leader of the Republican party. By picking Paul Ryan, Romney may be trying to find a balance between Establishment Republicans and the Tea Partiers. I think Romney succeeded in finding this balance. 
The Romney/Ryan ticket is an excellent challenge to the Obama/Biden ticket. Both the Presidential and Vice President will be a must see event. For a good preview of what a Ryan/Biden debate might look like, watch Paul Ryan take down Timothy Geithner. 
One vulnerability that Mitt Romney faces is that  Paul Ryan has been on record criticizing RomneyCare. But he has also been very vocal in his belief that his running mate will repeal ObamaCare.
Mitt Romney has made a very wise choice in selecting Romney. It is a bold and exciting ticket. Its a ticket that emphasizes Romney's focus on the economy. This is a smart move since it gives America a real clear choice about which direction we want to take on the economy. Its a perfect and serious challenge for the Obama Campaign. Way to go Mitt Romney for picking Paul Ryan!!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Why The Priorities USA Ad Just Made The 2012 Election Even More Important

Mitt Romney has put out a campaign ad hitting back hard on the controversial Priorities USA ad which is causing problems within the Democratic party. Watch below: 

The Republican Party also went after the controversial Prioities USA ad with a devastating ad of their own: 

As Mitt Romney and the RNC ad points out, the Obama campaign shows that has a serious character problem, especially when it comes to honesty. We know that Obama has been dishonest in the past and there's strong Obama campaign may have been illegally communicating with this SuperPa and are lying about it. Thus, its fair to wonder about what other lies Obama might be telling us. Furthermore, if Obama is reelected, there's a good chance that Obama will continue to lie to the American people. 
As a result, its fair to say that a vote for Obama means all of the following: 
  1. The voter has no problem with Obama lying to the American people in the past (see Soylndra, Operation Fast and Furious, etc.)
  2. The voter has no problem with Obama lying to you now (See Priorities USA ad)
  3. The voter has no problems with the fact that the Obama campaign may be breaking the law with the Prioities USA ad.  
  4. The voter has no problems with Obama's hypocrisy in complaining outside campaign groups but is caught collaborating with them.
  5. The voter has no problems with Obama's surrogates lying to you (See Harry Reid's false claim that Romney hasn't paid taxes for 10 years)  
  6. The voter is fine with the Obama campaign promising to be the most transparent administration ever only to lie about it.
  7. The voter is perfectly fine with another four years of Obama lying to him or her.
But we also have a deeper problem here with this Priorities USA ad. Its not just Obama's character problem that is a problem. There is strong evidence that the Obama's potentially illegal action. The significance of this fact is that it shows that he's willing to do whatever it takes to hang on to power. Mitt Romney's ad mentions alludes to this problem when he the ad asks, "what does it say about a president’s character that tries to use the tragedy of a woman’s death for political gain?”
It is becoming increasingly evident that Obama is willing to do whatever it takes to hold onto power. As we have seen with history and current events, things don't turn out well when a political leader bitterly clings to power. In fact, its a bad omen of things to come for a country unless the politician is removed from power early on. We have that chance in 2012.
Usually, a when a scandal like this hits a political campaign where they are caught lying to the American people and potentially breaking laws, its OVER for that candidate.However, there doesn't seem to be much of a outcry from the American people A country can survive if the citizens have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior from a politician. However, a country cannot survive for long if the citizens themselves tolerate this kind of immoral and potentially criminal behavior from its leader. 
The Obama team has tried to frame this election as a choice of electing a president who will make the government provide everything you want or a President who will provide only what the Constitution will allow. Mitt Romney is trying to frame the election as a choice between four more years of economic sluggishness or a new President who will revitalize America's economy. However, regardless of how these candidates want to frame the choices presented to the American people, the real issue before the American people is character. Whether Obama likes it or not, this scandal has just made this election about a choice between a man with questionable character and a man with a squeaky clean character. The choice should be obvious to the American people. When the American people are presented with these options, its OVER for the candidate with the questionable character.
Yet, if we elect Obama, we are admitting that we are fine with a President who lies and breaks laws. It also a reflection of us since it means that we as a society are ok with this behavior and that its ok for people to behave this way. If such behaviors are tolerated by its leaders and the public, then we deserve a society and a country where such behavior becomes the everyday norm.
This election has just become more important than ever.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Harry Reid Gets Blasted From Both The Left And The Right

Harry Reid is not helping Obama's campaign when he made allegations that Mitt Romney hasn't paid his taxes in 10 years by getting people both on the Left and the Right to unite against this disgusting attack toward the Republican nominee. Watch the videos below: 

Who would have thought that Rush Limbaugh and Jon Stewart would agree in condemning Harry Reid's attack on Mitt Romney!?
Megyn Kelly goes after Harry Reid pretty hard on her show: 

Finally, Mitt Romney responds to Harry Reid's allegations. Listen below:

Harry Reid hoped that his accusations would damage Mitt Romney. Instead, it appears that it has backfired onto him by uniting people both on the Right and the Left against him. Moreover, it may have destroyed Obama's class warfare attacks on Mitt Romney's wealth as the American people see Liberals and Conservatives come together to condemn Harry Reid. Way to go, Harry!
Just for fun, let's take a trip down memory lane and recall the time when Harry Reid liked Obama because he was a "light skinned" candidate"with no Negro dialect."