Monday, November 21, 2016

ObamaCare Is The Reason Why Clinton Lost in 2016

One of the major reasons why Clinton lost the 2016 election was because of ObamaCare. 

There were two October surprises that rocked the Clinton Campaign. 

The first October surprise was the letter from the Director of the FBI stating that they found additional emails that required further review. 

The second October surprise came on October 24th, 2016 when the federal government informed Americans all over the country that they would be whacked with double-digit Obamacare premium increases. Americans woke up to news headlines like “Obamacare Premiums to Soar 22%.

Although the FBI announcement rocked the Clinton Campaign badly, it didn't have a direct affect on people's lives. Director Comey's letter confirmed what people already knew about Hillary Clinton as a dishonest, corrupt, unethical politician. The government's announcement on increases in ObamaCare premiums did affect the daily lives of the voters because it hit them right in the wallet. 

Trump won states that traditionally lean Democratic in presidential elections because of the Obamacare premium increase. Take a look at the premium increases in these states. 

Minnesota: 59%
Wisconsin: 16%
Pennsylvania: 33%
Michigan: 16.7%

Naturally, the voters were outraged by the  skyrocketing costs of ObamaCare.

To make matters worse for Hillary Clinton, she took credit for ObamaCare by claiming she was the inspiration for ObamaCare as seen in this tweet put out by the Clinton Campaign. 

Surprisingly, Hillary Clinton was actually telling the truth to the American voter. The inspiration for ObamaCare came from Hillary Rodham Clinton and not Mitt Romney. She was the inspiration for ObamaCare.

When Obama created his health care plan back in 2008, Democratic Barack Obama took it directly from Hillary Clinton. The only difference between Hillary Clinton's plan and Barack Obama's Health Care plan was that her plan included a mandate and his didn't. Later, Obama would end up incorporating Clinton's mandate into ObamaCare. This means that 100% of ObamaCare came from Hillary Clinton.

Back in 2013, I predicted that ObamaCare would be a huge liability for Hilary Clinton's 2016 campaign. I was right because she could never distance herself from ObamaCare if she wanted to because Obama's health care plan was her plan in its entirety. In the end, her own health care plan cost her the Presidency.