Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Achilles Heel for 2016

Hillary Clinton has announced her candidacy today via social media. Her decision to jump in the 2016 race has never been a secret ever since she lost the 2008 election and when she agreed to join the Obama Administration. In fact, people were talking about her running ever since Bill Clinton left the White House back in 2001. 

I don't know why Hillary Clinton is running. I don't think most Americans know why either. Why would someone who has had a long history of corruption, scandal, lies, and unethical behavior be running? Even if you discount her past, she is currently mired in a few scandals and foreign policy blunders from her time working as Secretary of State under President Obama. Whenever she announces her candidacy today, she will be starting off under a huge cloud of suspicion. 

Now that she's running, she will have to convince voters to TRUST her. That is a huge hurdle for her to overcome. In fact, it will be the main weakness of her candidacy for which she may never overcome despite the millions in campaign donations she will raise, the vast army of campaign advisors and a team of slick marketing staff. 

Her weakness is of her own making and she's been developing it for years. She has never cultivated trust from the American voter. Nor does he seem interested in doing so. The prime example is her work in the State Department when she was doing official State Department business using private email addresses and had all these emails hosted on a private server. Her server did not even have the minimum protections against hackers, foreign governments and criminals. Her actions were in violation of State Department policy and US federal law. Not only were her actions illegal and unethical, her actions placed America's security in jeopardy when she failed to place security measures on her servers to prevent spies and criminals from hacking into her server and reading her emails.

Isn't it just a coincidence that someone or some organization successfully hacked the White House due to a weak link at the State Department. Now, who could that weak link be? In fact, it is reported that the Russians have had access to the State Department computers for years.The White House and the State Department are being intentionally vague on how the White House was hacked and how the Russians have had full reign over State Department computers for years.

There is also speculation that Hillary Clinton conducted her private emails outside the review of Congress so that she could conduct communications regarding Benghazi and other potential governmental diplomatic and military actions. For me, I wouldn't be surprised if Hillary's emails showed that she joined in on the discussions regarding the targeting of conservative organizations and individuals by the IRS. But that's just speculation on my part.

However, it is possible that we will never know the content of her private emails because Hillary wiped her server CLEAN so that no one will ever know who she talked with as Secretary of State. She wiped it clean so that the media, non-profit watchdog organizations and Congressional oversight would never be able to review her emails. Again, how can the public TRUST her? 

Hillary Clinton got caught (more likely she was outed) engaging in illegal and dishonest behavior never worked on repairing that breach of trust with the American people. She doesn't seem sorry or remorseful about what she did. She has made no attempt to cooperate with Congress or be upfront with the oress. She has been trying to spin and manage her way out of this problem. To me, it doesn't seem like she doesn't care that her integrity is now under question. Otherwise, she wouldn't be jumping in for 2016. 

To me, it seems pretty brazen for someone like Hillary Clinton to want to run in 2016 when there are numerous examples of breaches of public trust, corruption and criminality. It is like having Walter White or Al Capone decide he's running for President in 2016. Do you think that if Hillary Clinton successfully wins the 2016 general election and becomes the next president, that she will all of a sudden be an honest, ethical and transparent President? No. 

Everything that people hate about politicians and government can be found in Hillary Clinton. She is very much a Washington D.C. insider. She is an incompetent, dishonest, corrupt and secretive politician. She supports a government that is bigger, more intrusive and less transparent. She pretends that she is a regular person that faces every day troubles yet she is a wealthy woman who obtained her wealth by questionable means. She has no success that she can point to as Senator of New York or as Secretary of State. Her record in government is one of one failure after another. Every Democratic and Republican 2016 candidate will focus on her record and accomplishments. However, her real weakness lies is her own character.

The most important issue of 2016 may boil down to one simple question: can we trust Hillary Clinton to be President?