Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Did Mitt Romney Recently File Documents To Run In 2016?

People have long suspected that Mitt Romney wanted to run in 2016. It appears that the inevitable has happened. See the document below. 
On second thought...it appears that Mitt didn't file any documents to run in 2016. 

If you look at the document, This could be just an update of his address, not a filing for candidacy. Mitt's organization still exists and if his address is changed, he is required to notify the FEC. The other thing that is a bit strange is the dates on the form. One date reads 10/26/2015 while further down on the form says 01/30/2016. The date seems odd for someone who is deciding to run for President. Finally, the address appears to be bogus. 

Mitt Romney has repeatedly said he won't run for President in 2016. But he has said that he's willing to accept the GOP nomination if a brokered convention happens Republican National Convention later this year. On the other hand, Mitt has said that he will eventually endorse Rubio, Cruz or Kasich sometime in the future. Mitt might be tipping his hand on who he's endorsing by doing robocalls on behalf of Rubio in Florida.

Mitt might be laying the ground work for himself in the event that there is a brokered convention and become the GOP or he might not be doing that at all and simply endorse a candidate. The point is that Mitt Romney is keeping people confused and guessing so that people aren't sure exactly what he's up to.