Sunday, August 26, 2012

Investigating Sarah Palin's Mysterious Delegate Packages At The GOP Convention

I have received numerous messages from various people asking me if I could verify a claim made by a Ron Paul blogger named "wincap" that supporters of Sarah Palin are going around at the Ron Paul events in Tampa Florida and passing out or mailing packages attempting to woo Paul supporters/delegates into voting for Sarah Palin in the event that a brokered convention occurs:
Sara Palin is in town and playing games, she is trying to steal the nomination, she sent out packets to all of the delegates asking them to vote for her if there is a brokered convention and she is trying to cause a brokered convention. I spoke to delegates at my booth who said they received the packet. None of our delegates will vote for her, putting my dislike for her aside, if she helps with a brokered convention I am fine with it because I think we could win a brokered convention.
I can confirm the source of where these packets might be coming from. There is a news report of a pro-Palin group called The Earthquake Movement who appear to be the source of these delegate packets: 
According to an email from a representative of The Earthquake Movement, the group has sent informational packets to delegates around the country, asking them to be one of the five required majority state delegations needed to nominate Palin in the first round of voting at the Republican National Convention. The packets also ask for delegates to nominate Palin in the second round if presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney does not receive the required number of delegates in the first round.

The Earthquake Movement has also distributed information on Palin's "record, accomplishments and why we think she is the person who can excite the base and defeat President Obama in November."

"We are finding a lot of unhappy Republican voters," the email said. "They feel like the RNC is not listening to them and based on voter turn out in the primaries and what we are hearing from Conservative Americans, they want her to emerge from the convention as the nominee. They are also very angry that she was not given a prime time speaking spot at the convention and are wondering if the RNC is attempting to shut her out because her message resonates with so many of us fly-overs. Are they afraid if she speaks prior to the vote or at all, we will have an averted Reagan experience?" 
One California Ron Paul supporter who is a delegate has claimed that he received the package in the mail:
In fact, if you look at one of the pages of The Earthquake Movement's website, you can see them making a pitch to delegates on the legality of nominating Sarah Palin as the GOP nominee and encouraging them to take a stand to nominate her. They also encourage the delegates to buck the system and they support an "open convention" (brokered convention). They also have a blog called A Servant's Heart which puts up much of the information found on the website on the blog.
On the The Earthquake Movement's facebook page, you can see a post of them discussing the packages and their strategy for making a brokered convention happen:  
Thus, it is highly likely that members of this group may have been at the GOP Convention distributing these packets to potential delegates who are supporters of Ron Paul. Given that the existence of these packages, it may be a matter of time before the contents of these packages show up on the news or on a blog site. I know that contents of the packages are somewhere on line since I have seen people talk about reading the documents and watching a DVD on the the Internet. Perhaps someone can put the entire contents of the package on a blog or send it to me.
What I find interesting is that there are two kinds of politicians. First, there those those who put party above themselves such as Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum who both have released their delegates to Mitt Romney. Then there are politicians who put themselves above the party such as Sarah Palin and Ron Paul who have no delegates yet have said nothing or done nothing to stop their supporters who wish to circumvent the nomination process by attempting to engineer a brokered convention to nominate someone other than candidate who legitimately and successfully obtained the GOP nomination.


  1. Sarah Palin hasn't spent any money or time doing the work it takes to be the nominee. She just expects to waltz in their and take over?
    This is the same person for personal reasons stepped down as Governor? She has shown she doesn't have what it takes to finish anything of importance for the sake of another. Hence her resignation as Alaskan Governor.
    All she would do is divide, the people have already spoken she doesn't have what it would take to beat Obama. Heck she doesn't even know her history or current events.

  2. Never happen. Sarah would never be nominated because she would lose to Obama in one of the widest margins in history.

  3. I'll tell you what, I do not like the words Palin used to "encourage" her Bots to vote for Romney. She couldn't have been more limp in her verbage. Yes, she is out there encouraging someone to Nominate her. I will be very happy if that does not happen. BUT if IT DOES, I will believe that SARAH PALIN herself was behind this betrayal. IF Palin is nominated by her BOTS, We will have PROOF that Palin is a Traitor. PROOF!

  4. "Never happen. Sarah would never be nominated because she would lose to Obama in one of the widest margins in history. "

    Which btw is EXACTLY going to happen to Mitty Doody if he doesn't decide to take al-Hussein on after the, convention. That means do more than send one of his loser surrogates out and say "Everything would be alright if you lived in Massachusetts, WE HAVE ROMNEYCARE--which isn't a tax. YUH YUH YUH"

  5. Could we please get Todd Akin to tell Joy to shut up?