Friday, August 10, 2012

Why The Priorities USA Ad Just Made The 2012 Election Even More Important

Mitt Romney has put out a campaign ad hitting back hard on the controversial Priorities USA ad which is causing problems within the Democratic party. Watch below: 

The Republican Party also went after the controversial Prioities USA ad with a devastating ad of their own: 

As Mitt Romney and the RNC ad points out, the Obama campaign shows that has a serious character problem, especially when it comes to honesty. We know that Obama has been dishonest in the past and there's strong Obama campaign may have been illegally communicating with this SuperPa and are lying about it. Thus, its fair to wonder about what other lies Obama might be telling us. Furthermore, if Obama is reelected, there's a good chance that Obama will continue to lie to the American people. 
As a result, its fair to say that a vote for Obama means all of the following: 
  1. The voter has no problem with Obama lying to the American people in the past (see Soylndra, Operation Fast and Furious, etc.)
  2. The voter has no problem with Obama lying to you now (See Priorities USA ad)
  3. The voter has no problems with the fact that the Obama campaign may be breaking the law with the Prioities USA ad.  
  4. The voter has no problems with Obama's hypocrisy in complaining outside campaign groups but is caught collaborating with them.
  5. The voter has no problems with Obama's surrogates lying to you (See Harry Reid's false claim that Romney hasn't paid taxes for 10 years)  
  6. The voter is fine with the Obama campaign promising to be the most transparent administration ever only to lie about it.
  7. The voter is perfectly fine with another four years of Obama lying to him or her.
But we also have a deeper problem here with this Priorities USA ad. Its not just Obama's character problem that is a problem. There is strong evidence that the Obama's potentially illegal action. The significance of this fact is that it shows that he's willing to do whatever it takes to hang on to power. Mitt Romney's ad mentions alludes to this problem when he the ad asks, "what does it say about a president’s character that tries to use the tragedy of a woman’s death for political gain?”
It is becoming increasingly evident that Obama is willing to do whatever it takes to hold onto power. As we have seen with history and current events, things don't turn out well when a political leader bitterly clings to power. In fact, its a bad omen of things to come for a country unless the politician is removed from power early on. We have that chance in 2012.
Usually, a when a scandal like this hits a political campaign where they are caught lying to the American people and potentially breaking laws, its OVER for that candidate.However, there doesn't seem to be much of a outcry from the American people A country can survive if the citizens have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior from a politician. However, a country cannot survive for long if the citizens themselves tolerate this kind of immoral and potentially criminal behavior from its leader. 
The Obama team has tried to frame this election as a choice of electing a president who will make the government provide everything you want or a President who will provide only what the Constitution will allow. Mitt Romney is trying to frame the election as a choice between four more years of economic sluggishness or a new President who will revitalize America's economy. However, regardless of how these candidates want to frame the choices presented to the American people, the real issue before the American people is character. Whether Obama likes it or not, this scandal has just made this election about a choice between a man with questionable character and a man with a squeaky clean character. The choice should be obvious to the American people. When the American people are presented with these options, its OVER for the candidate with the questionable character.
Yet, if we elect Obama, we are admitting that we are fine with a President who lies and breaks laws. It also a reflection of us since it means that we as a society are ok with this behavior and that its ok for people to behave this way. If such behaviors are tolerated by its leaders and the public, then we deserve a society and a country where such behavior becomes the everyday norm.
This election has just become more important than ever.

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