Wednesday, January 4, 2012

BREAKING: Michele Bachmann Is Suspending Her Campaign

With the low results of the Iowa Caucus, Michele Bachmann is announcing that she is suspending her campaign. Last night, Sarah Palin said suggested that Michelle Bachmann drop out and endorse someone else. It appears that Michele is following Palin's advice.
Michele Bachmann could never really regain her momentum when she won the Iowa straw poll straw poll but then continued to fall behind when other Republican candidates like Rick Perry began to enter the race. Michele Bachmann could never wow the crowd during the debates. She also experienced other problems on the campaign trail as well: 
But her campaign was beset by a string of gaffes — starting with the assertion at her campaign launch that Waterloo, Iowa, was the home of John Wayne, when it was actually notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy who called Waterloo his hometown.
Another blow to her campaign came when Ed Rollins, her campaign manager, left the campaign and began speaking out against Bachmann on cable TV and in the media.
Heading into the fall, Bachmann tried to injure the then-frontrunner Perry by attacking him for mandating the HPV vaccine Gardisil. But the blowback of her claims that the vaccine caused mental retardation hurt her as well, even as continued to repeat them repeat them on the campaign trail.
Despite Michele Bachmann's poor performance, she contributed immensely to the campaign. I think she helped define the issues and held some of the candidates' feet to the fire on important issues.  
Another candidate that may withdraw is Rick Perry. Last night, he announced that he will be reassessing his but this morning he put out a tweet that he will fight on in South Carolina: 
And the next leg of the marathon is the Palmetto State...Here we come South Carolina!!!
I've been saying all along that South Carolina is where the action will be and it will determine who stays in the race and who won't.

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