Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Getting To Know Mitt Romney

Many of you have been doing your due diligence of conducting your own research into each of the candidates in this election. A few months ago, I wrote a series of blog articles analyzing various aspects of Mitt Romney's record. You can now read the entire series below: 
  1. Getting To Know Mitt Romney's Record 
  2. Mitt Romney's Faith & Economic Leadership
  3. A Look At Mitt Romney's Business Career
  4. Mitt Romney's Rescue of the Salt Lake Olympics 
  5. How Mitt Romney Turned A $3 Billion Deficit Into A $2 Billion Surplus 
  6. Govenor Mitt Romney's Record On Taxes And Fees 
  7. RomneyCare 
  8. Govenor Mitt Romney's Impressive Record of Job Creation 
  9. Mitt Romney's Leadership Style 
  10. Concluding Thoughts About Mitt Romney's Record

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