Saturday, January 28, 2012

Herman Cain Finally Endorses Newt Gingrich

When Herman Cain dropped out of the 2012 race about a month ago, there were rumors that he would be endorsing Newt Gingrich. Now, Herman Cain has given his endorsement to Newt Gingrich which he has wanted to do for quite sometime now: 
Just over a week ago, Cain addressed a gathering of Republicans in South Carolina and said he had held off from endorsing a candidate because he didn’t want an endorsement to “split my support.”
He said Saturday that the decision to back Gingrich had been in his heart for some time.
“There are several reasons, many reasons as to why I have reached this public decision,” he said. “I had it in my heart and mind a long time ago.”
“One of the biggest reasons is the fact that I know that speaker Gingrich is a patriot,” Cain said. “Speaker Gingrich is not afraid of bold ideas. And I also know that Speaker Gingrich is running for president, and going through this sausage grinder -- I know what this sausage grinder is all about -- I know that he’s going through this sausage grinder because he cares about the future of the United States of America. We all do.”
The endorsement isn't surprising given that one lying adulterer is endorsing another adulterer. I don't think his endorsement will help Newt Gingrich at all.

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