Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rush Limbaugh: Ron Paul Is Not A Conservative Or A Tea Partier

Today, Rush Limbaugh recieved a call from a caller who thinks people will not support Newt Gingrich but rally around Ron Paul who will  win the 2012 Republican nomination: Here's Rush Limbaugh's response:
All right, once again, let me bring some reason and sanity to all this. We just heard that the Tea Party is gonna support Ron Paul, Santorum, Bachmann, or bust. And this guy is not a Tea Party caller. This guy's a Ron Paul caller. I just went to the Gallup poll, dug deep inside the Gallup poll, the one I just told you that shows Gingrich over Romney 37-22. Ron Paul is at 7% among Tea Party supporters. But there's more than that. The Tea Party is not the Ron Paul campaign. Ron Paul has nothing to do with the Tea Party, zilch, zero, nada. There is no way that you can back Ron Paul and also back Bachmann and Santorum. The reason is that Ron Paul's foreign policy has nothing in common with Tea Party foreign policy, nothing in common with Bachmann or Santorum foreign policy. Ron Paul did not start the Tea Party. Ron Paul is not the Tea Party.
Now, that caller also said -- and all this is so predictable, it happens every four years. "That two-party system, two party madness, we're not gonna put up with anymore, Rush, and you're part of it. You're part of the two party establishment, we know you." Let me tell you something. If two party madness is the issue, why did Ron Paul leave the Libertarian party to run as a Republican? Ron Paul's not running as a third party; he's not running as a Libertarian; he's running as a Republican. He's involved himself in the two-party system. And Ron Paul has led the way with tens of millions of dollars in earmarks. Ron Paul blames America for 9/11. That's not what the Tea Party thinks. It's not what conservatives think.
Now, there's some Tea Party activists that support Ron Paul, but most don't, as is evidenced by the Gallup polls at 7%. But Ron Paul's foreign policy, there's nobody, no other Republican running on that nomination dais up there in any of these debates that has a foreign policy that's anywhere near Ron Paul's. Bachmann, Santorum, Gingrich, Romney, none of them blame the United States for Iran nuking up. None of them blame the United States for 9/11. I love the way these Ron Paul supporters try to tell us who is or who isn't conservative, when Paul is a Libertarian. Ron Paul's a Libertarian, used to belong to that party but knows he can't win as a Libertarian so he comes over and joins the Republican Party. He says he could relate to and understand the Occupiers. The Tea Party doesn't think that.
"Boy, Rush, now you've really done it. Now you've run around and attacked Ron Paul." I didn't attack Ron Paul. I'm simply telling you what is. There's a big difference here. I was the one who was attacked. My callers are gunning for me today, folks. I am a shaken host here. Not stirred, but shaken. Hanging tough. But none of the GOP, apart from Ron Paul, blames Wall Street for the recession. Ron Paul does. Where is this common ground between Ron Paul and Rick Santorum and Bachmann? Have you seen Santorum's face when Ron Paul's describing his foreign policy? Santorum's waving his arms trying to get in there and respond to it. Who's next? I can't believe what Snerdley is finding out there today.
I'm not a fan of Rush Limbaugh anymore but he's exactly 100% correct on Ron Paul. This man's political views does not square with either the TEA Party or conservatism. Ron Paul was never a conservative in the first place and he will never be. The kind of people that Ron Paul surrounds himself with and receives support from are not the kind of people the TEA Party want to associate with. Moreover, Ron Paul's isolationist foreign policy is not a position that conservatives or TEA party supports nor has it ever been. His foreign policy views are what the far left supports and as such he's well liked by some ant-war organizations and people. If you don't believe me, look at the foreign policy views of his son, Rand Paul. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  
The point is that Ron Paul will never win the GOP nomination or the Presidency. He's run for President twice before and failed miserably at it. He will lose again and then fade into political obscurity after that.


  1. I may not vote for Ron Paul,but I like the videos that he is putting out about Newt the snake.

  2. I no longer have any confidence in Rush Limbaugh's assessment of candidates, after having listened to him fawn over Dubya for eight years while Dubya betrayed every "conservative" principle that had attracted me to the GOP in the first place, and ultimately lost our party both Congress and the White House. In any case, I sent Rush a very strong concise e-mail about this matter today. Dr. Paul's character is amazing, especially in comparison with that of his peers. Dr. Paul's domestic policy is unparalleled, and would please Ronald Reagan. Dr. Paul's foreign policy is not widely accepted, but it should be, as Republicans were wrong to adopt the Democrat Party's foreign policy several decades ago. So, I think that Dr. Paul should be given some slack.