Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Herman Cain: Romney's $10,000 Bet Was Not A Gaffe

Herman Cain went on Fox News the other day to explain that Mitt's $10,000 bet with Rick Perry was not a gaffe despite the media's attempt to make it into one. Watch the clip below:

People are still talking about Romney's bet. Some people think it was a simple bet made only to demonstrate how strongly Mitt Romney felt about Rick Perry's erroneous claims about the difference between his hardcover and paperback editions of his book. Some people, like me, may think that there more behind it than just a simple bet. 
Are liberals and the media manufacturing a gaffe here when there really was no gaffe on Mitt Romney's part in the first place? Personally, I think Herman Cain hits the nail on the head and is 100% accurate that Mitt's bet was not a gaffe at all. I'd go one step further and argue that the media is hypocritical and quite selective about its outrage over Romney's bet when other expensive and high profile bets have taken place on television.

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