Friday, December 23, 2011

Is Ron Paul A Racist?

Ron Paul has been receiving a lot of attention in the news about some newsletters that was published in his name during the 1990s. The controversy surrounding his newsletters has been around for a long time since 1996 when Ron Paul's opponent, Lefty Morris, during the Senate race began to alert the voters of Texas about these articles. 
Since 1996, numerous articles have been written further exploring Ron Paul's bigoted past. What reporters have found is that Ron Paul just has too many connections to white supremacy and other fringe groups to either personally or vicariously that it is almost impossible to rebut the charge that he's a racist. However, many people credit reporter James Kerchick for making the the American voters aware of Ron Paul's racism, antisemitism and disrespect towards gays in his article "Angry White Man" which was published in The New Republic back in 2008. 
Which explains why Ron Paul abruptly ended an interview with CNN a few days ago: 
Those who have been closely watching Ron Paul for many years, all this information about his bigoted past isn't new. However, most of the American public don't know about it. News reporters during the 2008 Presidential election did some reporting on his news letters but Ron Paul was never the frontrunner in that election so that information wasn't of interest to most people. 
Now that Ron Paul is supposedly the current front runner and may win Iowa, Ron Paul is getting more scrutiny over his controversial writings. Ron Paul ended the interview quickly because he knows that the more the average voter gets exposed to his bigoted newsletters, the less likely they'll vote for him in any GOP primary or in the General election if he manages to become the Republican nominee. 
Which is why Ron Paul has repeatedly been disavowing the controversial newsletter as much as he can and hopes that he can fool the American public into believing he has no connections to the bigoted magazine bearing his name. 
Yet, there was a time when Ron Paul wasn't backing away from his newsletters but actively he actually promoted it:
In modern politics, we call this flip flopping. Ron Paul promoted these racist newsletters before he disavowed them. 
But Ron Paul has gone beyond flip flopping territory into telling absolute lies.
He's lying so badly that no lie detector is needed. It is incredibly difficult to believe that he never wrote any articles nor did he ever read any of the articles in his newsletter that was titled the "Ron Paul Political Report," published by his own company, Ron Paul & Associates, and that made millions in profit between 1978 and 1995.
Ron Paul lies are so unbelievable that not even a convicted felon would believe that Ron Paul had no knowledge and no connection with these newsletters. Too many people close to Ron Paul were involved in Ron Paul's business for him to not know what was being printed in his name: 
"...the officers of Ron Paul & Associates included Paul's wife Carol, Paul's daughter Lori Pyeatt, Paul staffer Penny Langford-Freeman, and longtime campaign manager Mark Elam (who has managed every Paul congressional campaign since 1996 and is currently the Texas coordinator for the presidential run), according to tax records from 1993 and 2001."
He won’t say who wrote them or whether he still associates with the author or authors of his newsletter. They were probably ghostwritten by Lew Rockwell or Murray Rothbard who had, and probably still, maintains a close relationship with.
Ron Paul can deny all he wants that he has nothing to do with these newsletters, but as one blogger points out:
"Rep. Paul is trying to say that the words above weren’t written by him (but rather someone else helping him with his newsletter), but c’mon. Let’s be serious. If they appeared in his newsletter attributed to him then he’s responsible."
In addition to his bigoted newsletter, there are other examples that may reveal how he really feels about ethnic and religious minorities. If you look at all the examples below, a picture starts to emerge. We have a man who:
  1. Has had pictures with Don Black, who is a well known White Supremacist, 
  2. has a photo of himself signing an autograph for Don Black's son, Derek Black,
  3. accepted donations from a white supremacist group and refused to return the money, 
  4. convinced a campaign staffer working during his 1996 Senate election to pose as a devout Jew to disrupt Lefty Morris' news conference as a disinformation stunt to get people to believe Ron Paul wasn't an anti-Semite despite the fact that Mr. Morris had plenty of evidence to support his claim his opponent hated Jews, 
  5. and there is this letter from Bill White, a self proclaimed white supremacist. However, there is some room for debate over the truthfulness andveracity of Bill White's letter. 
  6. He also has connections with the controversial John Birch Society.
  7. There is some undetermined amount of Ron Paul supporters who seem to share his views. For example, The Daily Paul, a well known website for Ron Paul fans posted a video of published links to YouTube videos of Louis Farrakhan giving an anti-Semitic speech.
  8.  White Supremacists are rallying behind Ron Paul to support his bigoted newsletter.  
  9. Finally, MichealMedved gave Ron Paul back the chance to deny and distance himself from the various bigoted groups is alleged to have connections with and he has never done so.
Given the weight of the ALL the facts above, what's easier to believe...that Ron Paul is a racist or that he's not?

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