Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ann Coulter: Mitt Romney Is The Most Conservative Candidate Who Can Defeat Obama

Here's the transcript of her comments:
"What I changed my mind about is whether -- by the way I changed my mind three months after that on a FOX News show because the economy was so bad. I said, look, I'm generally a pessimist for running against -- actually, maybe I'm not. We have a popular Democratic president, who does has an attractive family, has the entire mainstream behind him, and he's an incumbent. That is why I thought the candidate we ran would lose. I no longer think. I now think Obama has a glass jaw, and I said that a few months after that statement, by the way. It's not really that big of change -- we don't know if my prediction was wrong now -- what I am saying now is of the available candidates, Romney is by far the most conservative, tied with Michele Bachmann. And he has the proven ability to win in a state like Massachusetts," Ann Coulter said on "Hannity" on Tuesday night.
After she endorsed Mitt Romney, she gave a blistering vote of no confidence in Newt Gingrich:
As the discussion continued, it took an abrupt turn to the conservative credentials of both Ron Paul and Gingrich. ”I have a problem with Ron Paul’s foreign policy. And some of his writings that went on for a decade,” Hannity said.
Coulter, seeing an opening, decided to dive into her negative assessment of Gingrich, while comparing his purported lack of conservative ideals to Paul’s. ”I have a problem with Newt Gingrich’s big government conservatism,” she said. “I think of the candidates on the stage, Newt Gingrich is tied with Ron Paul — and only Ron Paul because of his foreign policy — as the least conservative candidate on the stage."

I've always believed that Ann Coulter was a closeted Romney fan  Ann Coulter endorsed Mitt in the 2008 elections and I predicted that she would endorse Mitt Romney again in April of 2011. Turns out my prediction was correct. 
She has given a strong defense of Mitt Romney's health care plan. She also talked about him at the 2011 CPAC conference. Ann Coulter is unashamedly conservative. She wouldn't endorse Mitt Romney unless she really believes Romney was really a conservative himself.


  1. I think this is a good endorsement. I don't think her endorsement would come easy. She has unmovable opinions on what she thinks is the way it is.

  2. Too bad Coulter can't see the forest for the trees. The show is over. The corruption has done its work these past 70 years, and the Republic needs to reset. Only Revolution will turn things around, and if the citizens don't have the "stomach" for it, then so be it. I am voting for Obama, and to hell with the Republican sissy boys (I still reserve a note of hope for Bachmann. The only Real Man of the group). If you, Coulter, want to save the Republic then vote, Obama, 4 more years! Think about asking the Republicans to drop out of the elections, and watch the liberals "crash" the economy now rather than in a year or so.
    Lord Howard Hurts