Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is Fox News Biased Against Mitt Romney?

Just a few moments ago on Fox News Live with Megyn Kelly, the show recently posted a poll of the 2012 Iowa Republican Caucus. Thank goodness I have a Digital Cable box because I had to rewind it to make sure what I saw was real. Then I took the picture:
 Here's another picture I took:
Look closely at Mitt Romney's picture. Its not Mitt. Its Obama. Is this evidence of Fox News' bias against Mitt Romney? Was this just a mistake? 
As Fox News says, we report, you decide.
UPDATE: Megyn Kelly apologized for "error":
"we put a graphic on the air ... that, as it turns out, was incorrect. It identified Mitt Romney with a picture of Barack Obama. As it turns out, they are not the same man. Not philosophically, not ideologically, not in any other way. So we apologize for that error." 
This wasn't an error. C'mon! They managed to get the picture of all the candidates correct except for Mitt Romney. I believe it was intentional.


  1. Fox News has been against Romney since the beginning of this campaign. They were for him in 2008 and now they have shifted to the 'anybody but Romney crowd'. Including Beck, Rush and Levin which all seem to have it out for Romney.
    Inevitably, if you want to point fingers at who is splitting the GOP you don't have to look any further than Fox. Their negativity towards Romney is what is diving Republicans.
    Most of us have learned not to trust Fox News and yet they still have a large fan base.
    People need to wake up and think for themselves. They need to quit following Fox News, because Fox doesn't have our best interests at heart. They are out there to stir the pot sorta speak, they are out there to get ratings at any cost. So long as it lines their pocket.
    Fox is fighting hard to support anyone but Romney. Are they being paid under the table or is it pure bigotry that is driving them. Either way they must know that when this is all over with and Obama is re-elected because of their stance against Romney that they are finished! NO one will ever trust their judgement again.

  2. Fox News has never been for Mitt Romney. Not just now in 2011 - 2012, but also in 2007 - 2008. They consistently mis-represented Mitt's positions. They consistently promoted Mike Huckabee. They consistently had that Catholic priest on to talk about Mitt Romney's religion, even after Romney's "Faith in America" speech.

  3. I should add. They probably did do it in error. The error was letting that "inside joke" out into public. Who knows, they probably makes these "mistakes" on purpose all of the time internally.

  4. It'very obvious when you see all the interviews with Newt Gingrich that he's their man. After all, who owns Fox and who owns Gingrich? Well, just check out who Gingrich got his money from to write books...Rupert Murdock!!! This stinks and my respect for Fox is in the toilet!

  5. I agree with every thing in these comments. I have watched Fox since Peter Jennings is no longer here. And I can not stay with Fox any longer!! I will vote for Obama before I vote for Newt!!! Good By Fox, I've had it!!

  6. I agree with those who commented here. I thought the bias for Newt on the part of his colleagues at Fox was due to the fact that he has been a Fox News Contributor. But it runs deeper than that. Even Martha showing her obvious bias. They went overboard to cinch his victory in SC, praising him for his brilliant debate skills. Fox,get real! Obama will not permit more than 2 debates and those will be without audience participation. The average American will vote on how cool the candidate is. With Obama singing like Al Greene, it's over. I am not watching Fox any more. Fair and Balanced is a joke!

  7. I agree with all of the comments and it is reassuring to see that I'm not the only one who observed this. I read that Fox's ratings increased substantially when Obama took office. I wonder if, since it benefits Fox to keep Obama, are they supporting anyone but the man who can actually beat him?