Friday, December 9, 2011

Glenn Beck: Do Your Research On Newt Gingrich

After Glenn Beck had Newt Gingrich on his radio show a few days ago, Judge Andrew Napolitano had Beck come on to his Fox News television show to give his thoughts about some of the 2012 candidates. Glenn Beck was not thrilled with the idea of having Newt Gingrich become the Republican nominee and challenged Tea Party people everywhere to really examine Newt's record and ideas. 
Watch Glenn Beck talk about Newt below: 

Glenn Beck is absolutely correct that Newt Gingrich is a Progressive. He's not a liberal progressive but a conservative one. I absolutely disagree with Beck when he says that "Gingrich and Obama are the same - progressives - if you like Gingrich, but don't like Obama, it must be about race." They are not exactly the same enough and one can like Gingrich but not like Obama for reasons other than race.
However, despite that both of these men are different politically and philosophically, they are on the same page when it comes to big government getting involved in people's lives in a profound way. Both of them want big government to implement their conservative progressive or liberal progressive vision.
I also disagree with Beck in his assessment that Romney "loves government." Mitt Romney isn't a conservative progressive like Newt. Unlike Newt, Mitt really does favor a smaller, smarter government, likes to run a government that is not in debt and that can provide a strong military to protect our country. 
However, I agree that the everyone, not just the TEA party people, should really be examining, researching and learning all they can about Newt because once they find out about Newt, they won't vote for him. They will not want Newt to be the President. Ever. 
In contrast, if people do their due diligence in learning about Mitt Romney, people will find that he's the candidate that America needs. Glenn Beck clearly hasn't done his homework on Mitt Romney. If he did, he wouldn't be saying that it will kill him to vote for Romney but he he'd be happy to do it.

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