Thursday, August 11, 2011

Steven Colbert: Obama's Plan to Attack Mitt Romney's Faith Is "No Way" To Treat A Candidate

Steven Colbert poked fun at Obama's scorched earth plan to "destroy" Mitt Romney if he becomes the Republican nominee in 2012. His plan is to make Romney look inauthentic, greedy and weird to the American people. However, as Colbert pointed out, a religion that believes a prophet received golden plates from an an angel on a hill is no weirder than a prophet receiving stone tablets from a burning bush on a mountain.
Objectively speaking, all religious have "weird" aspects to their faith that sound implausible. Mormonism is about as weird as any other religion. Which means Mormonism and the people are normal just like everyone else in the United States who belongs to a faith that has some peculiar beliefs. 
I think Obama's plan on attacking Mitt Romney and his faith will backfire on him. Mike Huckabee had a passive aggressive strategy against Mitt Romney's religion and Tim Pawlenty might be trying copy Huckabee's tactics. However, Obama is taking Mike Huckabee's plan and taking it to a whole new and extreme level. However, the American people will not tolerate this kind of scorched earth attack towards another person's faith even if they strongly disagree with that person's faith.  
Steven Colbert takes the right approach here by poking fun at Obama's strategy. However, it appears that Obama is serious about his plans to take down Mitt Romney. And that, is nothing to laugh about.  
Obama's strategy of attacking Mitt Romney's faith: Yahweh or no way? The American people will say no way!  

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