Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Obama's Numerous Broken Promises To Focus on Jobs

The Republican Party recently released 15 separate promises made by Obama to focus on jobs. Ben Smith disputes this number and thinks that the number is much lower in which he counts seven attempts by the President to pivot on jobs: 
February 2009: In a speech to Congress, Obama says his economic plan will be focused on jobs.

November 2009, during the lull in health care debate: “This is my administration's overriding focus.”

January 2010: “What they can expect from this administration, and I know what they can expect from you, is that we are going to have a sustained and relentless focus over the next several months on accelerating the pace of job creation, because that's priority number one.” 

April 2010: Post health-care, Obama goes on a bunch of “Main Street” tour stops to talk about jobs in April and May.

June 2010: The beginning of recovery summer.

December 2010: “And I think we are past the crisis point in the economy, but we now have to pivot and focus on jobs and growth.”

January 2011: Obama’s State of the Union focuses on jobs and afterward he makes a big jobs push (even though Egypt is taking up his, and the world's attention), launches “Startup America” initiative.
Ben Smith makes this obvious conclusion: 
Obama has spent very little of his presidency publicly driving a conversation about jobs.
Its not just that Obama spent a small about of time driving national discussion on jobs, he's also done very little on jobs since he's spent the bulk of his Presidency on focusing on issues that were apparently more important than saving jobs like ObamaCare.
Back in April of 2011, I pointed out that Obama had made three promises to focus on jobs and never followed through with them long before the GOP and news reporters started to keep track of Obama's promises. However, regardless of who was first keeping track of these broken promise, its always been clear that Obama has never been serious about the economy. That's why America is losing hope and people are not seeing a lot of change in their pockets. Its also why Obama is becoming irrelevant when it comes to issues relating to the economy.
Regardless of who was first keeping count of Obama's empty and false promise to focus on jobs, its too late now for Obama to pivot on jobs because he has a 461 days from today to turn the economy around. Some peopel predict that unemployment could be low as 7.3% or as high as 10% on Election Day 2012. Anyway you look at it, Obama will most likely be a one term President because he never took the economy seriously. 

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