Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mitt Romney: I've Got More Economic Experience Than Gov. Perry Or President Obama

With the possibility of Govenor Rick Perry announcing that he will jumping in the race for 2012, Mitt Romney explained that he's the most economically experienced candidate of this election: 
After an hour spent discussing business and economic issues with a group of business leaders at a roundtable event, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney made news by talking about two other prominent leaders: President Obama and Texas Gov. Rick Perry.
Asked about Perry's economic record in Texas, Romney called Perry a "fine governor" and said his record "speaks for itself."  Romney added he didn't doubt that we would hear much more about Perry's qualifications in the coming weeks as he Perry appears prepared to jump into the presidential race.
But Romney said it is his private sector experience and economic expertise that separates him from Perry and gives the former governor the qualifications to be president.  "I think I'm the right guy to be the Republican nominee for President," Romney said.  "In part because I spent 25 years in the private sector and I know how the economy works. I've had the occasion to lead four different enterprises successfully. I've also had the experience of working in government and helping lead a state and those experiences I think qualify me to get this economy going again. Those people who think the economy really is essential in providing a future for our families and preserving our values, then I think they're going to look to me as someone who can understand how the economy works and can get it back on track."
While fielding several questions about Perry, Romney stayed true to to his strategy of saving his strongest criticism for the president.  He opened his media availability by criticizing the Obama's upcoming bus tour harshly and by making a prediction: Barack Obama will not win Iowa in 2012.  
In response to a question from NBC news about what he would be doing about the economic fluctuations of later if he were, Romney responded "Well I sure as heck wouldn't be on a bus tour.  I'm not President now, but I'd like to be," he continued.  "I tried to be, but I can assure you that the President ought to be devoting his energy and passion and time to our economy and to the fact that we have men and women in harms way. that should be the focus and energy of his presidency." 
Mitt Romney is right. We need someone who grasps the fundamentals of the economy and has had experience in both the public and private sector. With Obama who has had no private sector experience and has done poorly with his hands on the job training and Rick Perry who has no experience in the private sector, America can't afford to have someone who doesn't have any business or economic knowledge. The United States needs a leader with economic experience and that person is Mitt Romney.  

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