Friday, August 12, 2011

Mitt Romney's Ronald Reagan Moment

Yesterday, Mitt Romney faced off against hecklers and proved that he was no milquetoast as some claim he is. Watch Romney face off against the hecklers:

He handled himself well on a range of issues ranging from social security, taxes, businesses against these organized progressive Marxist agitators. In fact, he came out as the winner of that debate since he explained his positions in a calm and rational manner. He even made one heckler look like a fool since he revealed the heckler's ignorance of how business works by explaining what business really are:
Romney doesn't mean that corporations are entitled to some of the legal rights of people in the Citizens United sense. He means it in the sense that the money made by corporations flows in and out of human hands—or pockets, in the language of the heckler who hoisted himself on his own metaphorical petard.
People are already mocking Romney for this supposed gaffe, but even TNR's Jonathan Chait grants that Romney is right on this point—although Chait is careful to point out that corporations are made of people who are richer than average.
One of the hecklers has been identified. He's not just a regular concerned citizen but a professional protester named Joe Fagan who has been a very active and well known Marxist agitator
But if irreverence were all it was about, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, of which Fagan was founding director 35 years ago, would not have 3,000 dues-paying members and a long list of wins under its belt. Nor would The Nation magazine have called it one of the country's most valuable progressive grassroots advocacy groups, or Bill Moyers have recently profiled it on his "Journal." 
Mitt Romney handled himself well against Joe Fagan and his fellow marxist protesters. He did well in explaining the conservative position without getting rattled or sucked into an embarrassing debate with them. In fact, some people are calling this exchange Mitt Romney's "Ronald Reagan" moment. Neil Cavuto thinks this could be a game changing moment for Mitt his quest to be come President. Even Glenn Beck, who has been a fierce warrior against progressives and Marxists, was pleased with Mitt Romney's defense of conservative ideas.
Regardless if its debating other 2012 Republican candidates or handling hecklers in the crowd, Mitt Romney has consistently been the winner in Iowa.

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