Friday, August 5, 2011

A Contrast In How Obama And Mitt Romney Have Handled A Down Grade In Credit Rating

If you want to look at how a leader deals with an economic problem, watch what they do during the initial moments after the crisis has begun occurred. While America is just now reeling from the news that Standard & Poor has down graded the U.S. from AAA to AA+,  President Obama was briefed in advance that this was going to happen and left the White House. The only thing they did in response to the announcement was that the Obama administration questioned S&P's calculations
In contrast, what did Mitt Romney do when he learned that the state of Massachusetts was going to get down graded? He took swift action
When Romney took office as Governor of Massachusetts, the S&P was threatening to downgrade the state’s debt. Romney met with them in their offices in New York, invited them up to Boston and met with them in his office, and laid out a debt reduction plan that instilled so much confidence in the S&P folks that they not only relented on the downgrade, they upgraded Massachusetts debt. Yet another tailor-made issue for a Romney candidacy, and one I expect to become a major topic on the campaign trail. Romney has the personal experience of not only dealing with this exact same issue, but getting a more-favorable-than-expected outcome from it as well.
There's no better test to see who is qualified to lead than seeing how people react in the first few moments of a crisis. Obama didn't do anything to avert this problem whereas Mitt Romney acted quickly to head it off.
With each new batch of bad news or economic crisis, Obama continues to behave in a such a way to give Americas very few reasons why he should have a second term in office. You would think that our President would make an extra special effort to do something about since the 2012 Presidential elections is coming up soon. 
Its clear that Obama doesn't deserve a second term. Its time to elect someone who knows how to handle a criss and reverse it so that we come out better after the crisis has passed. Its time to elect Mitt Romney to the White House in 2012.

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  1. world is waiting for a real President, therefore world is waiting for Gov. Mitt Romney.