Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mitt Romney Plans To Make "People Are Corporations" A Part Of His Campaign

Two days ago,  known Marxists agitators attempted to embarrass Mitt Romney by drawing him into a debate at a open forum at the Ames straw poll. However, that plan backfired on them as Mitt Romney demonstrated their ignorance about how businesses actually work and made him more popular with conservatives. 
Mitt Romney plans to incorporate the famous "Corporations are people" remark into his campaign: 
But Romney, a successful businessman whose primary campaign message is focused on turning around the economy, is embracing the comment on the campaign stump and in fundraising appeals.
"Look at your paycheck there is the name of a business on there that's paying for your salary," Romney said after addressing about 250 people Friday evening in this New Hampshire city. "Look at your 401k and see the names of businesses that you're part owner of. Businesses are comprised of people and it's amazing to me that the Democrats and President Obama are so far behind the times."
Romney added that he found it "pretty astonishing that the Obama folks would try and argue that businesses aren't people.
"What do they think they are little men from Mars? Businesses are comprised of people."
As Romney continues to pound this theme on the campaign trail, his top campaign aides are engaging in a full court press fundraising effort highlighting it. Within hours of his "corporations are people" comment, Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades sent out a fundraising email describing it as a "defining moment." In the first 24 hours, the campaign had raised more than $25,000 from this pitch, communications director Gail Gitcho said. And the campaign plans to expand the pitch pushing this message in the form of a national direct mail piece.
By embracing this comment and theme, the Romney campaign is clearly hoping to drive a wedge between the business community and Obama at the same time using this "defining moment" to further highlight Romney's business background for undecided Republican and independent voters.
It is worth pointing out that Mitt Romney isn't trying to drive a wedge between the business community and Obama. Obama has already been doing that since the day entered office and started vilifying these people. As Obama continues to chastise  people who work hard and reap the rewards of their efforts and heap scorn upon businesses who provide people with a job and income, it will only come back to hurt Obama himself. The Democratic party, assisting Obama in demoralizing hard working people and corporations, are only working hard to alienate Americans away from supporting Obama. Moreover, having these protesters lash out at corporations isn't helping Obama either.

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