Friday, June 10, 2011

Mitt Romney Recieves Rock Star Attention While Flying Coach

Mitt Romney is like everyone else when it comes to flying airplanes. We all try to find the cheapest flights possible. Which means most of us fly coach rather than in business class or first class. Recently, Mitt Romney was spotted on an airplane flying coach. He was well received by flight staff members and other people flying on the plane:
Recently I flew from Philadelphia to Reagan National in D.C. on a U.S. Airways Embraer 170.  Sitting behind me was Mitt Romney.  Romney was in coach as this aircraft doesn’t have a first class section. 
I will never forget what happened next.  As word spread that the leading challenger to President Obama was on the flight, ground crew members and baggage handlers streamed up the stairs from the tarmac into the plane to get Romney’s autograph. They treated him like a rock star, one after another.  Anyone who has followed the airline’s labor history at the Philadelphia hub knows that the local Philadelphia union is among the most belligerent in the entire commercial aviation industry, nearly wrecking the airline with “sick outs” one holiday season.  If Romney gets the nomination, and the same reception in Philadelphia next November among these Reagan democrats, Obama is in trouble.
Obama isn't just in trouble with Reagan democrats. Even his biggest and staunchest supporters are unhappy with his poor performance on the economy:
In the wake of last week's disastrous jobs report, allies of the Obama administration are expressing extreme frustration at what they see as the White House's inaction on the issue. But there's little evidence that Team Obama is listening.
The economy added just 54,000 jobs in May, and long-term joblessness is at a record high. Federal Reserve chair Ben Bernanke admitted this week that the recovery has been "frustratingly slow."
That bleak news has prompted harsh criticism of the White House from many of the administration's friends, who view the focus on deficit reduction rather than job creation as badly misplaced, and who want more government stimulus to jolt the economy.
With Obama constantly ignoring the economy or taking last minute yet half hearted approaches to fixing the economy, its no wonder that people were happy to see Mitt Romney on the plane. They treated him like a rock star because they see him as a candidate who takes the economy seriously. 

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