Monday, June 27, 2011

Help Me Raise $250 For Mitt Romney's 2012 Campaign

Mitt Romney has created an innovative way to raise money by letting you set up your own donation page on his website. I signed up and I have created my own donation page in which I have a fundraising goal of raising $250 for his campaign.
The reason why I set up a fundrasing page is that I truly believe that the most qualified person for the Presidency in 2012 is Mitt Romney. That is why I am so bold in soliciting donations on behalf of Romney's campaign because given the current economic state of America, we need someone who is 100% focused on the economy. Obama has never taken the economy seriously and our economy won't turn around unless we elect someone who will make the economy the number one priority of his campaign. 
As our nation struggles to reduce our deficit, American needs a leader who has the experience and fortitude to make tough decisions. When Mitt entered into the Massachusetts Governor's office in 2003, he was a left with a massive deficit of approximately $3 billion. When he left office, the state had a $2 Billion surplus.
Mitt Romney knows how to create jobs. Again, when he Mitt entered into the Massachusetts Governor's office in 2003, the state was ranked bottom as the 50th state in job creation. When Romney left office in 2007, the state was 11th in job creation. 
Not only does Mitt Romney have the best qualifications for the White House, he has the experience in actually creating jobs and getting out of debt. He knows what it takes for businesses to succeed and how to make America competitive in the global market. Mitt Romney knows the importance of reducing taxes, regulation and making government smaller so that Americans can get back on the road to prosperity.
As I result, I ask that you please help me reach my goal of $250 by donating whatever amount you can in order to help Mitt Romney become the next President of the United States.

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