Sunday, June 5, 2011

Alec Baldwin Is Wrong About Why People Like Mitt Romney But Not Barak Obama

Alec Baldwin, a well known liberal actor, has raised some eyebrows by tweeting about Mitt Romney:
The Huffington Post gave Alec Baldwin an opportunity to fully express his views about Mitt Romney and stated that Mitt Romney is a candidate that Barak Obama should take more seriously in 2012:
But apropos of my Twitter-izing about Mitt Romney and the GOP field of candidates, let me add this addendum. I did not write that Romney is a Ken doll. He is anything but. And the sooner Democratic political operatives agree on that, the better for Obama. I referred to that iconic retail figure to highlight those types that are lean of frame and square jawed, like Romney, who seem to hold the public's attention more easily. Something starkly visual that either aids a candidacy or rarely hurts it. Especially where the candidate is a male. Comments about Sarah Palin's beauty were punted around in the political media, but it was a double-edged sword that cost as much as it benefited. Especially with other women, oddly enough.

Romney is a serious challenge to Obama. He is wealthy, so he can pay for his own helicopter to his kid's ballgame. He lacks any of the abjectly feral, political hit man quality of, say, Gingrich. He is a decent speaker, and will only improve if his GOP handlers are as Pygmalionesque as they have proven in the past.

More importantly, Obama is still someone that many Americans have chosen to withhold their deepest feelings of admiration and affection for, in spite of the fact that he got bin Laden's scalp, contributed to saving the US auto industry (at least for now), and coughed up his birth certificate to silence all of that Swift-boating, election-nullifying trash out there. He appears to be a very bright, sober, hard-working, deeply caring man. A husband and father.

Obama is lean of frame and square of jaw and loves his country, too. Obama and Romney even share some opinions on matters of urgent domestic policy. Yet, in some people's eyes, Obama lacks something.
I wonder what that could be?
Alec Baldwin seems to imply from his tweet and his subsequent Huffington Post article that that that American public like good looking, family oriented, and patriotic men but who can hold the public's attention easily but that that some Americans have an unwarranted fear and loathe of Obama because he doesn't have a Plymouth Rock last name like Mitt's.  
Mr. Baldwin, that "something" that Obama lacks that Mitt Romney has is economic leadership. President Obama has never taken the economy or our nation's debt seriously. If President Obama took the economy more seriously, then Alec Baldwin wouldn't have to chastise Obama's political operatives for not taking Mitt Romney seriously as a possible challenger in the general election in 2012. 
In contrast, Mitt Romney has taken the economy seriously. His performance in Massachusetts reveals that the state's financial mess was his top concern as governor. When Mitt entered into office in 2003, he was a left with a massive deficit of approximately $3 billion. However, he was able to balance the state budget for each year of his administration and got the state out of debt by implementing a mixture of aggressive reduction in the size and cost of government along with bold strategies to spur economic growth. By 2005, Mitt Romney had a budget surplus of $1 billion. When he left office in 2007, he left the state had a $ 2 billion surplus. 
The truth is, Mr. Baldwin, is that people don't like Presidents whose policies do not promote economic growth. Its that simple. 
People didn't like Jimmy Carter despite the fact that his last name was about as American as apple pie. He was about as American as you can get. But the American people didn't like him because he did a poor job in handling the economy. As a result, they didn't elect him to a second term.
The American people made George H.W. Bush a single term president for the same reason. Despite his prestigious last name and overwhelming support from the American people during the first Gulf War, he lost to Bill Clinton because of his poor handling of the economy. Bill Clinton hammered George Bush on the economy and famously quipped, "Its the economy, stupid." 
Once again, the American people don't care about who the politician is or his last name. However, they do care deeply about the politician's economic performance. George Bush pushed Saddam Back out of Kuwait and back into Iraq. Barak Obama got Bin Laden's scalp. But it will be the economy that will make these men one term presidents.
Lets look at why people don't like Barak Obama, Mr. Baldwin. With Moody threatening to reduce America's credit rating, unemployment at 9.1%, a national debt of $14 trillion, falling home prices, a steep slowdown in the manufacturing sector, and a downturn in the stock market resulting from a wave of weak economic news, its not surprising to find out that unemployment as the number one concern with the economy following as the number two concern for Americans.  
As a result, Alec Baldwin is 100% wrong in his observations about why people like Mitt Romney but they don't like Barak Obama. The reason why people do not support Obama has nothing to do with how "American" a candidate's last name is. It has everything to do with the economy. 
But its too late now for Obama to turn the economy around. The 2012 elections are already starting to heat up. That is why people are starting to warm up to Mitt Romney. And that is why Barak Obama, like Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush, whill be a one term President.


  1. "...Obama lacks something.
    I wonder what that could be?"

    Integrity? And, Mitt's in bed with...? Well, let's see... who coughed up the big bucks in 2008?

    Goldman Sachs $234,275 Romneys contributors
    Citigroup Inc $178,200
    Merrill Lynch $173,025
    Morgan Stanley $170,350
    Lehman Brothers $144,100
    UBS AG $123,850
    Bain Capital $123,150
    Bain & Co $121,475
    Marriott International $121,150
    Kirkland & Ellis $109,400
    Compuware Corp $103,550
    Credit Suisse Group $102,600
    Huron Consulting $102,050
    The Villages $102,000
    PricewaterhouseCoopers $92,250
    JPMorgan Chase & Co $84,300
    Affiliated Managers Group $82,112
    Cerberus Capital Management $79,450
    American Financial Group $78,350
    Wachovia Corp $77,200

    Read more:

  2. So basically what Anonymous is saying is that Mitt Romney is bankrolled by Wall Street.

    We're screwed.