Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mitt Romney Formally Announcing His Candidacy Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Mitt Romney will officially be a candidate for the 2012 Presidential election. He will be making his announcement from a large farm owned by Mr. and Mrs. Scamman located in Stratham, New Hampshire:
Here, somewhere between the chicken coop, the tractors and the hay bales, Republican Mitt Romney will launch his second presidential bid.
“It’s an honor,” said Scamman, a longtime Republican state legislator who served two terms as New Hampshire’s House speaker, and spent a few years as the state’s budget director. With land that stretches down to the Exeter River, “We have a great place to have big events, and it has very easy access,” he said.
Yesterday, as Romney’s earnest advance team scoped out the sun-scorched site, Doug’s wife, Stella, reminisced about all the other political fund-raisers and receptions they’ve graciously hosted on their sprawling farm.
“Both President Bushes made campaign stops here,” she said, “and so did Senators Bob Dole and Warren Rudman.”
The Scammans, both 69 and grandparents of five, said they decided to invite Romney to the farm after he stopped by their annual chili fest in September. Thursday’s campaign kickoff is free, but space is limited to people with tickets.
Both Scammans said they won’t need to be swayed by Romney’s speech. They’re already Romney supporters, through and through.
“He has created jobs, and the one thing we need in this economy is jobs,” said Doug Scamman.
“He’s got the background,” Stella Scamman added. “He has government experience, nonprofit work and business experience.”
You can watch Mitt Romney formally make his announcement live on Thursday, June 2, at 12:30pm EDT by placing an RSVP on Facebook. You can also watch the announcement on Mitt Romney's website,

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