Thursday, April 14, 2011

President Obama Has Never Been Serious About Reducing The Deficit

Yesterday, President Obama gave a speech in that responded to Representative Paul Ryan's plan to reduce the deficit. The speech revealed what conservatives have always known about President Barak Obama in that he has never serious about creating jobs and reducing the national deficit.
Obama has made several promises that he would the economy the main priority of his Presidency. He made a promise to tackle the economy during the early days of his presidency and yet went on to push ObamaCare through the legislature. He repeated that promise almost a year ago after Scott Brown was elected to represent Massachusetts but still kept fighting for ObamaCare. And he has recently made that promise in September of 2010 that he would focus exclusively on the economy.  Obama has always been good at making promises but has never been good at following through with them. He makes promises and then moves onto other "important" projects like Obamacare.
Another example of Obama's lack of leadership on reducing the deficit is that he created an 18 member strong bipartisan commission to address the deficit and they came up with some bold recommendations on how to reduce the nation's debt.  However, Obama completely rejected their proposals. Now Obama wants a brand new commission to take a look at ways to reduce the debt which is what the earlier commission did. What gives the American people confidence that President Obama will listen to this new deficit commission if he rejected the proposals of the earlier commission that he created?
Even when President Obama was a Senator, he didn't take the deficit seriously since he admits that his vote against raising the debt ceiling was for political reasons
Which brings us back to Obama's speech given yesterday. Even in this speech was not serious about addressing the nation's deficit. Conservatives don't like it since Obama offers solutions that actually make the economy even worse
Liberals aren't thrilled with it either since Obama is essentially punting the job of fixing the economy down the road and that the proposals he does make do nothing to fix the economy because America will still be in debt. What this means is that even liberals are starting to realize that Obama has never made fixing the economy his number one priority.
Americans are tired of having to put up with four years of an inexperienced President who has no interest in fixing the economy. If Obama isn't going to take the economy seriously, he's going to see that Americans are going get serious about putting President Obama in the unemployment line in 2012. 

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