Saturday, May 28, 2011

Romney-Cain Ticket For 2012!?

Matt Lewis writing for the Daily Caller has an intriguing idea that Mitt Romney and Herman Cain should run on the same ticket together in the general election: 
One possible match that is beginning to grow on me is the notion of a Romney-Cain ticket. (Stick with me here). Both are successful businessmen, so, in a way, this would be sort of like what Clinton-Gore did in 1992 when — instead of seeking to “balance” the ticket with an older Democrat from the North — Democrats doubled-down on the young, Southern thing. Cain would balance the ticket geographically and philosophically. But the primary message would be obvious: Romney-Cain are proven business leaders who can fix the economy. Period.
… I’m not suggesting the two team up now. But if Romney goes on to win the nomination (not an absurd possibility), there is something about it I like. Conservatives who are skeptical of Romney (or even hostile towards him) might be wooed to the ticket by the exciting Herman Cain. Romney would bring the establishment money and highly-professional operative team to the table, while Cain would bring excitement, energy, and authenticity.
There would, of course, also be the historical angle of electing the first black Republican vice president. And unlike McCain’s selection of Palin (which did inject the ticket with much-needed energy and enthusiasm) — Cain will have the advantage of having been through the ringer via running for president, himself. Palin was air-dropped in the middle of a presidential race, with little time to ramp-up. Conversely, Cain is making his mistakes now — when the stakes aren’t as high — and growing as a campaigner.
It could happen. Romney-Cain in 2012!
I am a fan of this idea. 
Even though it is too early to be thinking about who should be the vice president for 2012, I like the idea of a Romney-Cain ticket. I also like the idea of a Romney-Perry ticket too. 
But lets talk about why a Romney-Cain ticket could be a smart and powerful team for 2012. Mitt Romney is a strong candidate has run before in 2008. He knows how to organize a presidential campaign and is very skilled at raising cash for himself. He is also the most credible candidate on a wide range of issues such as the economy, health care, national security and social issues. He also has excellent leadership skills in both the public and private sector. 
Herman Cain would be an excellent choice as Mitt Romney's vice president.  Herman Cain supported Mitt Romney in the 2008 elections. Both men have extensive private sector experience. Moreover, Mitt Romney has a lot of support form independent and tea party voters. While these people are excited about Mitt Romney, they are even more excited about Herman Cain because his strength is the ability to get a grassroot network support going
“I cannot compete with a Romney when it comes to money. He has at his disposal his own personal fortune,” Cain said in an interview with POLITICO. “I don’t come anywhere near that, quite frankly. He has a fundraising network because he has run before. I have the advantage of a grassroots network.”
Thinking about vice presidential picks is no doubt a lot of fun. However, Right now, unemployment as the number one concern with the economy as the number two concern for Americans. As a result, we have a lot of Republican candidates who are seeking to capitalize on America's need for real economic leadership and are offering themselves as a leader who can fix America's economic and financial troubles.
As a result, we have candidates like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman and Governor Rick Perry who are all contemplating jumping in for 2012 and plan to advertise themselves as people who can fix the economy. Sarah Palin and Rick Perry will talk about how they created jobs as governors of their states. Michelle Bachmann will talk about how she was an early leader in the TEA party movement as way to appear credible on the issue of jobs and the economy. 
However, Mitt Romney is the only 2012 candidate who has both private and public sector experience in creating jobs. No other candidate can make that claim. With that kind of impressive record, Americans are starting to warm up to Mitt Romney as someone they what to have in the White House. They are starting to rally around him because they are seeing that he is the best candidate who can defeat Barak Obama in 2012. 
In the end, its fun to think about and speculate who might Mitt Romney's V.P. pick will be. But that a choice that Mitt Romney has to make if he becomes the Republican nominee. The choice that Americans will have to make is choosing the right candidate to take on Barak Obama. 
The best choice that Americans can make is in voting for Mitt Romney.

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  1. That's a very interesting idea. After Cain's interview with Chris Wallace last Sunday I was a little concerned about a couple of his answers. His answer about "right of return" he cleared up, and honestly spoke about his lack of familiarity on that issue. He since got himself educated. I can appreciate both his honesty and his quick action to resolve his lack of information.

    The second answer that concerned my was about the debt ceiling. After talking up his solution regarding the debt ceiling, he stated that it would not work because we're already too far gone. So if it won't work, it's not a solution. Come up with a new idea. I have not yet heard him clarify that issue, and I would definitely be interested in hearing his idea.

    I initially rejected the idea of Cain as VP because his strength is also Romney's strength - the economy. But you make a very good point. That is also the #1 issue at this time, and our first priority is to get elected. I think I agree with you that Cain could help Romney get elected. He has already demonstrated a willingness to get himself educated where he is less experienced. I have always said that Romney should have a VP who is from the south and appeals to the Tea Party, and Cain certainly meets those qualifications. I might just change my #1 choice for VP from Jindal to Cain.