Saturday, May 21, 2011

Herman Cain Formally Annouces He's In For 2012

The 2012 election is slowly heating up as candidates make the transition from exploratory committees to officially becoming candidates for the 2012 Presidential elections. Yesterday, Tim Pawlenty formally announced that he will officially be a candidate for the upcoming presidential election. 
Today, Herman Cain has formally announced that he will also be a candidate for the 2012 election. He's already released a YouTube video that coincides with his announcement which you can watch below:

He also published an op-ed that summarizes his common sense approach to leadership and how he will solve the problems that our country faces. His column,"Solving For X," is about how there are simple formulas that have been established to resolve the problems that our country faces:
Over the course of the last year and a half, I have crisscrossed the country and shared my vision for America. More importantly, I have listened to the concerns of folks all across this land -- from the farmer in Iowa to the retiree in Florida to the student in South Carolina. Throughout my needs assessment tour, I have learned that America faces significant challenges and we are right to demand a return on our investment. We see ourselves as putting so much in, and getting so little out—in the form of widespread joblessness, runaway debt, skyrocketed energy prices and an unclear foreign policy agenda.

But, we remain undaunted. Americans know that “solving for x” simply means using the right formula. What’s that formula, you might ask? Working on the right problems. Asking the right questions. Removing barriers to success. Surrounding yourself with the right people.

This is my “common sense” approach to real leadership. This approach is coupled with a steadfast belief that politics should never compromise principles. And my principles are rooted in the Constitutional guarantees of limited government and individual freedom.

I believe in a strong military and clear foreign policy that ensures the safety of our country. I believe in lower taxes, less regulation and private sector job creation that ensures the economic stability of our country. And I believe in the moral foundation upon which this nation was based and continues to make Her strong, independent and free.
With his common sense approach to politics and leadership, he's not a candidate that you can easily write off. He might be a troublesome candidate for other 2012 contenders like who are looking to win the support of the TEA party movement. Although Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann have not decided whether or not they will run in 2012, you can be assured that Herman Cain is a candidate they must be worried about if they decide to run. He is certainly popular with the conservative online community. Moreover, a recent Gallup poll showed that although Herman Cain is not a well known canidate among  while likely GOP primary voters, he was the best-liked among those who knew him. 
Not all conservatives are excited about Herman Cain. Charles Krauthammer thinks that Herman Cain doesn't have a chance to win at all and is merely a candidate who will excite people but that's about it. Watch Krauthammer explain his view below:

As time goes on, we'll see if Charles Krauthammer is right or not about Cain winning the election. However, Cain will definitely will make the 2012 election exciting and interesting. 
With Tim Pawlenty's and Herman Cain's announcements, I think you can expect other 2012 candidates to start making the transition from exploratory committees to officially becoming candidates. Look for a wave of announcements to come in the next month or so. 

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