Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mike Larsen's Open Letter To Mike Huckabee

Ryan Larsen, the guy behind the pro Mitt Romney website,, has written an open letter to Mike Huckabee that is worth reading. And boy, he doesn't hold back in his attack on the former governor of Arkansas. 
Here is how Ryan Larsen's letter begins:   
Dear Governor Huckabee,

Everything I have heard Mitt Romney say about you the past three years has been positive. And there are a lot of positive things to say. Your down-home, folksy charm and wit add great spice to the Republican party. You have a calm, even temperament, and you obviously won over the people of Arkansas as their governor.

But for now, you hold a grudge. This may be partly due to your advisers only telling you what they think you want to hear. But the information they are giving you is not good at all. WhyRomney has refuted all your claims. I'd like to get to the bottom of your grudge and give you a chance to respond - to answer a few questions and correct anything I might be in error about. You can post your response anywhere on the internet, and I will re-post it in full, unedited, right below this letter.
You can finish reading entire letter HERE.
The letter is awesome because he destroys Mike Huckabee's record as governor. He also has fantastic video clips that are worth reminding us why this man doesn't deserve to win any primary election in 2012 or why he shouldn't be elected as the President of the United States.
Will Mike Huckabee respond to the open letter? Probably not. I would love it if he did. 

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