Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Romney-McDonnell Ticket?

Mitt Romney's visit to northern Virginia is fueling speculation about the potential role of Gov. Bob McDonnell in the 2012 elections.
A lot of people have been speculating on who Mitt Romney's running mate would be if secures the Republican nomination in 2012. At one point, I was thrilled about a Romney/Cain ticket or a Romney/Bachmann ticket. Yet, in hindsight, those would be bad choices for Mitt Romney. 
Some people are speculating that Mitt Romney may choose Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell to be his running mate:  
Mitt Romney's stop in northern Virginia Wednesday fueled speculation that  Governor Bob McDonnell could be tapped to join a Republican presidential ticket.
Romney, fighting for the GOP nomination, praised McDonnell while speaking at Fairfax County Republican headquarters.  He called the Virginia governor one of the "great leaders of the Republican party."
McDonnell has signaled for several months now that he would consider the vice president job if offered.  Romney said Wednesday that naming a running mate at this stage in the election would be presumptuous, but then he heaped praise on the Virginia governor.
"I say nice things about Governor McDonnell every time I have a chance," Romney said.  "He's a terrific governor doing a great job here in Virginia."
This is a ticket I could really get excited about. Mitt Romney supported Governor McDonnell in the 2010 midterm election. He also gave his endorsement and provided financial support to Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling and Attorney General hopeful Ken Cuccinelli during that election as well. These men are quite popular with the Virginia voters. 
Having Governor McDonnell would help flip Virginia back into the red column after Obama won that state in the 2008 election. Virgina has 13 electoral votes and if Mitt Romney wins that state, it would be a significant blow to Obama's chances to being reelected. Moreover, if Romney chooses Bob McDonnell, it would also have a significant effect on how people in the surrounding states such as North Carolina which carries 15 electoral votes and Pennsylvania which has 20 electoral votes.
Although its too early to be thinking about Mitt's running mate, its never too early to be thinking about Mitt Romney making Obama a one term President.

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