Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Power Of Captialism: Making People's Lives Better And Healther

Capitalism provided people with the freedom to make major discoveries in science, medicine, nutrition and technology which has increased the life expectancy and wealth of individuals all over the world over a long period of time. Hans Rosling explains: 

Another video takes a different approach in making the same point about how capitalism has helped improve the qualify of life for people: 

Another video demonstrates that capitalism provides the freedom for wealth to expand which makes it possible for living standards to rise for everyone, not just the rich only.  Capitalism has made it possible for the poor today to enjoy things that previous people in poverty could never enjoy before. The video shows how capitialism has raised the income of rich and poor people alike in just the last 40 years. What makes the video you're about to see even more powerful is that not only do we see a comparison between the rich and the poor in the United States but goes one step further by comparing the American poor and the average citizen in Europe, Asia, and Africa:
As shown in these videos above, capitalism has done more to improve the lives of humankind than any other political, social or economic system invented by mankind.
The Occupy Wall Street protesters do not realize that we stand on the shoulders of the men and women in the past who made these amazing discoveries which has led to further discoveries that made it possible to enjoy the life we live today. In fact, these protesters fail to see the irony in their protests against capitalism. One photo demonstrates the irony perfectly:   
In attempt to get the world to wake up to the flaws of capitalism, they are unknowingly promoting the benefits of capitalism by using products created by business organizations who have the economic freedom to create products and services in their protests against capitalism.

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