Monday, October 10, 2011

Michael Medved Discusses Pastor Robert Jeffress' "Mormons Are A Cult" Comments

Micheal Medved, a well known Jewish radio talk show host, gives a well thought out explanation why Robert Jeffress' comment that Mormons are a cult is wrong. Listen to the YouTube clip below: 


  1. Yes! We Latter-day Saints are a valuable group of contributors to American conservatism! We worship Jesus Christ (and are thus Christians), as individuals we fight important fights such as Prop 8 (even when the LDS Church organization itself is practically politically neutral), and we vote for whom we believe will bring about more righteous governing power for the people--most often means conservative candidates. We live value- and family- and service- and knowledge-based lives as best we can. Thanks for seeing us more clearly for who we are, Michael! Signed, Jon

  2. How easy it is and feels better about people that talk in a Christian way. There is a spirit of oneness, of brotherly love, of peace and of much good to come out of it.Thank you Mr. Medved for your wonderful thoughts and kind words.

  3. Well said Michael! I am an active member of the LDS church. I am also a local business man, a Rotarian, a member of my Chamber of Commerce, active in the Boy Scouts of America and am the President of my local industry association. I think most would be surprised how many of us are out there working to lead in our communities, schools and individual families. We love this country and feel deeply about the challenges it faces. We also worship Jesus Christ and revere him as our personal Savior and believe in the Atonement. A simple visit to and confirms to the humble reader that Christ is the cornerstone of our faith. To be so slandered in the media is unbelievable. Thank you for your kind words and support. We need to turnaround this country. We need Mitt Romney, not because he is a Mormon, but because he has the unique skills, talents and abilities that this country needs right now! His proven leadership will be key to helping our nation get back on track! Thank you again for your kind words!