Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Pro-Romney Website: MittFitts! Toons For Mitt Romney

It began as a simple idea. The idea was, we can’t all be millionaire political donors or well-connected Washington insiders, but we each have a talent – something that sets us apart from everyone else on the planet. And that talent, whatever it is, could be channeled into an effort to help elect Gov. Mitt Romney President of the United States.  For blogger/activist Mike Sage (editor of America Needs Mitt and host of Mitt Romney Radio) and veteran comic book artist Sal Velluto, a single phone call was all it took to give birth to a collaboration that has the potential to reach into practically every home in America.  The fruits of that collaboration is a new pro-Romney web site called MittFitts! Toons for Romney.
The web site serves as a focal point for the syndication of pro-Romney cartoons to web sites, blogs, and social media nationwide.  Syndication of the cartoons is free, and easily arranged using the website’s RSS feed.  (RSS is an acronym that stands for Really Simple Syndication. For more information on RSS, click here.)   By syndicating the cartoons via RSS, a website owner or blogger can automatically receive and display the cartoons as soon as they are published.  You don’t have to be a website owner or blogger to take advantage of MittFitts’ RSS feed.  It can also be set up to simply email you each cartoon as soon as they are published, so you can be the first on your block to see them!
In addition to the political and educational mission of the web site, Sage and Velluto hope to raise money for the Romney campaign by selling the original hand-drawn cartoons.  The one-of-a-kind pen-and-ink drawings supporting the candidacy of Mitt Romney have the potential to become collectors items.  Net proceeds from the sale of MittFits original art will be donated to the Romney campaign or one of its affiliated political action committees.  (Net proceeds means transaction cost minus S&H and payment processor fee.)
The web site serves another function, as well.  A discussion forum on the site doubles as an “idea factory” facilitating the creative process, linking writers and cartoonist for brainstorming.  If you’d like to participate as a MittFitts writer, contact or register in the forum.
MittFitts cartoons may be freely distributed and used royalty-free, as long as they are not altered or edited in any way.  If you become aware of a MittFitts cartoon being used in a fashion that violates these copyright terms and restrictions, please report it.
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  1. hey, there, I'm the indy voter who's posted comments here a couple of times. love the Mormon-Moron cartoon!

    also, with the GOP field closed and having been 75% of the way toward supporting Mitt Romney even before that, I'm definitely voting for him in my state (NJ) primary, and it's not a half-hearted or "settling for" measure of support--I genuinely believe he's the right person to guide the country through these difficult times. What seals the deal for me is that the ONLY candidate (including President Obama) who's ever brought an enterprise of significant size and scope back from the brink has been Mitt Romney, when he saved the Salt Lake City Olympics.

    I was with Citizens for McCain in 2008 and I'll be volunteering time and donating to Mitt's campaign as well.

    I will admit, though, to being concerned about the "not Romney" element of the GOP. While I think Rick Perry's already rendered himself unelectable, he can scorch a lot of earth with 17 mil in his campaign coffers and seems only able to function in only one mode and that's attack.

    I'm also bothered by George Will's column and frankly surprised that he would risk arming the Obama team with such a harsh article about Mitt. I think we all have to be honest with one another about campaign matters and the truth is, George Will has gravitas, which is yet another reason why I'm so surprised he'd be so reckless.

    I'm not a Republican and definitely not an idealogue, so I don't get all the attacks on Mitt saying he doesn't have principles, has no core, etc. I don't understand how anyone can look at his life, his family, etc., and believe that a person with no principles could produce such wonderful results.

    It strikes me as offensive and irrational that people in his own political party would be pounding away with that nature of attack and I'm hoping others see this the same way I do. In some cases, it also strikes me as hypocritical, considering the baggage that some of these critics are carrying themselves.

    anyway, these are my thoughts as an indy on the outside looking-in.

    I also picked up the link to Mitt Romney Central from your blog and last night I registered--currently waiting for email approval from the webmaster.