Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Beta Male Candidate Complains About Fox News Being In The Tank For Mitt Romney

Rick Santorum is doing what he does best by complaining and whining. He's complained during the debates about not getting enough attention from the moderators. He whined about the negative ads that Romney campaign aimed his way. He also pouted over a supposed Romney/Paul tag team who were plotting against him.
Today, Santorum made news by whining about something new. He has accused Fox News of being in the tank for Mitt Romney which is ironic since he was whining on the program of a Fox News radio channel.
 Listen to the clip below: 

This doesn't help Rick Santorum at all. If he can't beat Romney in the primary election, especially when it comes to getting positive media coverage, then it reveals he's not ready to take on Obama for a few reasons. Lets review those reasons below: 
  1. Leaders don't whine when they're losing or are behind in the race. They roll up their sleeves and fight harder. 
  2. Leaders don't complain about their competitors and the advantages they have. Again, they just roll up their sleeves and fight harder or smarter.
  3. Rick Santorum complains about Fox News focusing on the delegate count. The reason why all news outlets, not just Fox News, look at the delegates is because that's how candidates win their party's nomination. With Rick Santorum crying about the news focusing on the delegate count, its an admission that he can't win and that's not attractive to the voters.
  4. The media already are in the tank for Obama and if Rick Santorum miraculously becomes the nominee, he's going to have to deal with that. I mean, who do you think MSMBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, PBS will be shilling for?
  5. Complaining about the media isn't going to help Rick Santorum in the general election. Whining about Romney isn't helping him now either.
  6. If Rick Santorum miraculously becomes President, the media isn't going to be friendly to him. Complaining about the media isn't going to help him in the White House. Once again, bitching about the media won't make him look like the leader he wants to be. 
Its becoming increasingly clear that Rick Santorum wants to be the Beta Male in Chief and he’s got the sweater fit that profile. The more Rick Santorum complains about the things that are unfair, the less he looks like a leader. In fact, he's consistently demonstrated that he's failed in the leadership department. 
Voters in the primary and general election know that people who complain and whine are not leaders.

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  1. Oh please, Rick needs to simply shut up with his excuses already, Obama and his hundreds of millions of campaign dollars and infomercials won't care, nor do the American people.