Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mitt Romney Ready To Surge In The Polls

Although the election is just barely a few weeks away, voters are starting to rally around their preferred GOP candidate who they think will best defeat Barak Obama. By all indications, the candidate that everyone is rallying around is Mitt Romney. Public Policy Polling has a new poll out showing that Mitt Romney is the best candidate who can remain competitive against Obama. A CNN/ORC poll has made similar findings in its own poll in which Mitt Romney is not only the frontrunner in the GOP race but actually ahead of Obama.
A lot of people have been discussing the significance of Mitt Romney consistently polling at 25% among Republicans. Is that a good thing or a bad thing for Mitt Romney? Many people are starting to realize that these numbers are good for Romney. For example, Andrew Malcolm, in his article for Investor Business Daily points out that those consistent poll numbers are a result of not making any mistake in a crowded field of GOP competitors: 
Although Romney's poll standings have rarely exceeded 25% among Republicans, that's actually not that bad in an eight-person contest. Since spring individual GOP challengers have come close to Romney or moved slightly ahead, like Herman Cain and this week Newt Gingrich, thanks to accumulating respect for his debating acumen.
But Cain is fading now, like Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and Donald Trump before him. And Gingrich has neither the money nor organization to sustain a major national effort. Even if the brainy former speaker can persuade Iowa's evangelical caucus-goers to look past the baggage of his previous personal life and he wins there on Jan. 3, then what?
Romney's been organizing nationally virtually since he conceded to John McCain in 2008. And with his personal fortune, he needs no one's line of credit, not even Tiffany's. Second time around, Romney's looked poised, confident, presidential in the debates. No OMG moments requiring damage control. Steady as she goes is the campaign motto and it's worked.
Maggie Haberman, in her column for Politico, argues that Mitts poll numbers staying consistently in the 20s is actually the minimum support Romney is getting and will likely get more support as time goes on: 
There has been a lot of talk about Romney's static poll numbers - generally in the mid-20s nationally and consistently around 20 in Iowa (with a high of about 40 percent In New Hampshire) - being a ceiling for him. 
But it's also possible, as Gallup would suggest and as pollsters like the Tarrance Group's Ed Goeas noted to Lawrence O'Donnell yesterday, that the mid-20s number is actually a floor for Romney, who will attract more support when it comes time to vote.
I suspect that Mitt's poll numbers, which are hovering around 20%, will increase as people abandon gaffe prone candidates, perform poorly in debates, candidates drop out of the race and as the primaries start happening. 
Americans don't want a President who doesn't understand how America works or how businesses work.As a result, people are starting get excited about booting Obama out of the White House and having a competent, intelligence, experienced and dedicated candidate like Mitt Romney in the White House.  


  1. I know Cain is on his way down. I hope people take a closer look at Gingrich and the baggage that he brings with him. I don't think that we will see an undecided become an anti-Romney. An undecided generally is more of an observer as opposed to the anti-Romney that wants their voice heard. Also, I did see a poll on MRC (about a month ago) showing Romney way ahead in a limited field of the 3 top candidates.

  2. Indy voter here (again)...agree with Anonymous about the Gingrich baggage. Whether GOP voters will wake up and realize that nominating the only Speaker in US history who's been found guilty of ethics violations and fined to the tune of 300K is likely to cost Repubs the "values" mantle remains to be seen.

    Seriously, if Gingrich is the nominee the entire GOP downballot can just kiss its case for being the party of values goodbye. And as far as leadership is concerned, it would be very interesting to take a survey of how many current GOP house members served under Gingrich's leadership, then take a tally of how many of those have given him their endorsement.

    when I hear Bill Clinton say Gingrich is likely to play well with indy voters, I can only speak for myself and my own vote, but when I think of Gingrich as the GOP nominee I become truly relieved to read that Gary Johnson is rethinking a third party run on the Libertarian ticket.

  3. Can I obtain your permission to use this image on my FB account to show my support for Mitt Romney?


    1. Yes you may!! Permission granted. :)