Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dick Morris' Lunch With Mitt Romney

Dick Morris releases a YouTube video about bumping into Mitt Romney and having lunch with him. You can see that he gets excited about actually getting to know Romney: Watch the video below: 

I wish Dick Morris would have gone into more detail about his meeting with Mitt Romney. Perhaps he will do that in a future video. 
Dick Morris, who used to not be a big fan of Mitt Romney, has grown to like him. I think the fact that he actually got to sit down with Mitt and have a 40 minute uninterrupted conversation with him in which he could really get to know Romney really excited him. Its clear that he likes and respects Mitt Romney.
Hopefully these men will do lunch together again.

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  1. Great video. I can remember Dick Morris always giving Romney a hard time about his MA Health Care. When he would talk about the candidates he would start out by taking Romney off the table because of it. He didn't seem to care for him in 2008 either. However, that has all changed. About the time the debates started (it could have been before then)he has really warmed up to Romney. I have no idea what changed his attitude towards him. He really looked excited about his encounter with Romney.