Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Part I: Getting To Know Mitt Romney's Record

Yesterday, Mitt Romney released his impressive and ambitious economic plan for America that gave a very detailed outline of how he plans to turn the economy around. As a result, there has been a renewed focus on Romney's economic record.
With the economy as the number one concern for Americans, it is important to scrutinize the economic record of presidential candidates because America is at its best when we have a strong economy.  In order to get back on track to having a healthy and vibrant economy, we need to elect a candidate who who has an outstanding resume that demonstrates that he or she is the most competent and qualified person to be the next president. Moreover, this candidate will not only have an impeccable resume but has real world experience of either maintaining a strong economy or turning it around.
As a result, I will attempt to do the daunting task of doing an comprehensive review of  Mitt Romney's economic record.
Evaluating a state's economy is a no simple feat. It is a challenging task given that there are a wide variety of statistics measuring all kinds of things and so many different ways of looking at the same data. Moreover, there are so many variables, both great and small, that affect a state's economic performance as well. Additionally, many states have natural strengths in one area of the economy but may have natural weaknesses in other areas of the economy. As a result, some states will be in the upper half in some and in the lower half in others in certain segments of the economy.
What's even more difficult is that it is hard to gauge how much an administration can be directly responsible for creating new jobs. How much of the economy's success or failure can be attributed to a governor?  Furthermore, how much of it can be attributed to the economic decisions of the state congress? Can one specifically measure how the economic decisions of the President have an impact on a certain state's economy? Can one measure the direct impact the economic decisions of Congress has on a specific state?
Often times, people will judge state's economic performance simply by just pulling one statistic out of an wide ocean of statistics out in isolation. What usually occurs is that the economic analysis doesn't make a lot of sense with out trying to understand how it relates to the gigantic picture. Sometimes, the analysis might even be a bit disingenuous, either in a positive or negative way, depending on the author's intention.
That is why I will am attempting to give the American people comprehensive review of Mitt Romney's record because by getting the full picture of a candidate's economic record and how everything fits together, the voters will have better idea of which candidate is the most qualified person to be in the White House in 2012.
Our economy faces challenges on many fronts.  We have high unemployment. There's also a massive debt problem. We also have a housing problem. We have a weak dollar. Manufacturing is slowing down. There's a desperate need for entitlement reform. The list of economic problems can go on and on.
Its clear that our economy needs emergency care and we have a president who will not make the economy a priority of his administration despite repeated promises that it would be. As a result, we need a president who will actually give the economy the attention and care that it so desperately needs.
By giving a compressive review of Mitt's economic record, the American people will see that Mitt Romney is the man whose entire career is dedicated to giving the economy the attention it deserves. 
Tomorrow, I will look at how Mitt Romney's experiences volunteering for the LDS Church have helped him become a successful businessman and political leader.

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