Monday, September 5, 2011

Mitt Romney Doesn't Need To Pander To The Tea Party Movement

Mitt Romney has been accused of many things as a Presidential candidate. One accusation is that he likes to pander to different groups to win support. However, his presence at a small TEA Party Express rally in New Hampshire proved that Mitt Romney doesn't pander but stands by his beliefs: 
If former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney came in search of elusive tea party mojo, he didn’t find it here at a small Tea Party Express rally, where a few dozen conservatives sat in lawn chairs and argued about Romney’s conservative bona fides.
Romney made no attempt to out-tea-party his conservative rival Rick Perry, and, in fact, the words “tea party” didn’t cross his lips in a stump speech that ran less than 15 minutes.
“I thought he’d pander a bit more,” remarked Jerry DeLemus, a local tea party leader who’d appeared earlier at an anti-Romney event organized by the Washington group FreedomWorks — a group that split with the Tea Party Express over Romney’s appearance.
Listen to Mitt Romney's speech as Mitt Romney talked to the people gathered at the TEA Party Express meeting: 

As you listen to the speech, it should be no surprise that Mitt Romney would not pander to the TEA Party movement because he doesn't have to. He is someone who has been an strident advocate of conservative principles as a business man and later as a governor of Massachusetts. 
Mitt's record as governor of Massachusetts is a record that any TEA Party member can support. He cut taxes, balanced budgets and reduced regulation. He did all of this in a liberal state with democratic majority legislature. 
As Election Day grows closer and closer, we need a candidate who was able to get conservative ideas and principles through a friendly or unfriendly legislature while getting the economy back on track. That is why America needs Mitt Romney in 2012. 

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