Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ron Paul Is Retiring From Politics

Ron Paul has just announced that he will not be seeking reelection for another term in the House because he wants to focus on winning the Presidency:
“Dr. Paul will not seek reelection to the Texas 14 and will focus his efforts on winning the presidency,” Paul spokesman Jesse Benton confirmed to POLITICO.
The 75-year-old congressman’s announcement Tuesday indicates his 2012 campaign will be his last act in politics.
“Big news,” Paul wrote on his Facebook page. “I have decided not to seek reelection for my House seat in 2012 and will focus all of my energy on winning the presidency.”
After serving twenty four years in the House of Representative, it was about time he stepped down to allow Texas to have a better voice in Congress. A voice that doesn't associates with known racists, anti-semites or conspiracy theorists. Texas doesn't need a hypocrite who rails against pork barrel spending yet placed millions of dollars of pork barrel projects for his district in spending bills only to vote against it knowing full well he'll get the money anyways. Ron Paul is just among the many politicians who serve as a prime example of why we need term limits for Congress.
Even though Ron Paul will focus completely on his third attempt at running for President, he knows he will not win the GOP nomination or the Presidency. As a result, this announcement is essentially an announcement that he will be retiring from politics.
Not only is this big news. Its good news. Awesome news.

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