Saturday, July 30, 2011

Joe Scarborough: Democrats Are Privately Saying Obama Isn't A Leader On The Debt Ceiling Issue

Joe Scarborough revealed that Democrats in Congress are starting to realize what everybody in America already know about Obama when it comes to leadership on economic issues. See the clip below:

Here's the key quote from the clip above: 
Joe Scarborough: "I have got to clear this up. Mika heard two days ago on Capitol Hill Democrats all saying the same thing. And that is, this president has been invisible, he is not a leader. They said this all behind closed doors. Democratic leaders, Democratic rank-and-file. In fact, 40, 50 of the most powerful Democrats on the Hill. I will just stop right there. The complaints were all the same. The president has vanished. He has left us here alone again like he did with health care. Where is he? Now, they didn't call him a loser, but they sure as hell didn't call him a leader."
Perhaps the people who are the most angry with Obama are progressive Democrats since they expect the President to work with them on the debt ceiling issue since Barack Obama considers himself a progressive: 
Largely missing from the closed-door negotiations and deal-trading in Washington's acrimonious debt ceiling battle are Congress' progressive stalwarts, the left-of-center lawmakers who fight for middle- and low-income individuals and families. That includes the House Progressive Caucus and a few dozen members of the Senate. The debt ceiling debate has left many of these lawmakers outraged at the White House for keeping them at arm's length and out of loop.
And make no mistake: After being frozen out of the process, their "yes" votes for a final compromise deal are no guarantee. "If the White House is assuming we will just go along," says Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.), the co-chair of the progressive caucus, "they are mistaken."
As the 2012 election grows closer and closer it will become more and more difficult for Progressives and liberals to find a reason to pull the lever for Obama in the ballot box. They might vote for him just to keep a Republican out of office but given how low the President's poll numbers are, the chances of progressives keeping this progressive President in office for another four years are very slim.

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