Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How Mike Huckabee Operates: Passive-Aggressive Politician

How Mike Huckabee operates is very easy to identify. 
He is a politician who employs a passive aggressive strategy against anyone he opposes and is very aggressive rather than passive in his strategy. I wrote in a previous blog how he used this strategy to attack Mitt Romney's religion in the 2008 Presidential election.
I feel vindicated in my analysis of Mike Huckabee.

He is now starting to play the same game against a potential 2012 competitor; Sarah Palin. Vanity Fair wrote a short little piece about Huckabee's support for Chuck DeVore and correctly called the endorsement for what it is: "Mike Huckabee Takes “Passive-Aggressive” Swipe at Sarah Palin."
Last week, Sarah Palin’s constituents (her Facebook friends) were very upset that Palin endorsed Carly Fiorina over Tea Party favorite Chuck DeVore in the California senate race. Level-headed comments of rational dissent followed. “Mrs. Palin, While I have been a fan, supporter, reader, and defender of yours, you could not be MORE WRONG about Fiorina! She is 100% RHINO! She put an R by her name for this race, Period! Chuck DeVore is the ONLY REAGAN CONSERVATIVE IN THE RACE. I live here and I know! If you chose her because she's a women, and based on your book I doubt it, then that was a mistake!” for example.
Mike Huckabee, who’s well poised to run (possibly against Palin) for president in 2012, responded to the ensuing controversy by supporting Chuck DeVore in as conspicuously garish a fashion as possible. First, Huckabee changed his Facebook status to say something about how much he loves DeVore, and now Huckabee’s Twitter background is a picture of DeVore and some winning blurbs about why DeVore is just the best. (Ben Smith calls this “passive-aggressive”!) Huckabee will need to use his Twitter in this way if he’s going to convince a bunch of disorganized anti-government protesters to elect him to said government, in 2012.
This isn't the first time Mike Huckabee went after Sarah Palin in a passive aggressive way. In fact, that's how he goes after everybody he doesn't like.
Exit Question:Will voters tolerate this kind of behavior in 2012?

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