Saturday, May 15, 2010

Comedy Central: Some Religious Bashing Is More Equal Than Others

Comedy Central likes to brag about how edgy and hip their network is. After all they have two of the most watched tv "news-entertainment" programs in the country (Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert) and one of the most popular animated shows ever (South Park). Comedy Central loves to show how good they are by having most of their shows insult normal Americans, religion and scream out curse words repeatedly. South Park ironically is the exception not because it doesn't do any of the first three but that it targets everyone equally.
Well clearly Comedy Central is showing some groups are just not cool to target.
Back in 2007 South Park decided to make fun of the Mohammad Cartoons violence, Comedy central decided that's just not acceptable, and censored it last minute. They then came out with a statement which at least was honest; they were afraid of the death threats and violence and censored the show under the noses of Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
In 2010 South Park decided to include Mohammad in a show to celebrate South Park's 200th episode. The main characters did very well in showing just how ridiculous the hysteria was about showing Mohammad by having him in a bear suit throughout the first part. And then the hammer dropped from Comedy Central; in the second part Comedy Central decided not only to censor the image of Mohammad but to censor every single reference to Mohammad, including a last speech by Kyle where Mohammad's name wasn't mentioned but was instead a speech about standing up for free speech. The delicious irony in that notwithstanding, Comedy Central showed that their commitment to free speech wasn't even skin deep. Any threat or any group labeled "protected" (which was ironically the point of the Mohammad part of the show), especially ones with members who have shown a constant desire to kill anyone who suggests they are not peaceful. Simply put, Comedy Central has shown that they lost their balls at the first sign of violence or threats.
But hey man, Comedy Central is hip, it's edgy, it believes in free speech man!
In a vague attempt to show that not only do they believe in free speech and that there are no sacred cows, Comedy Central is creating a show dedicated to......making fun of Jesus Christ. They already had Sarah Silverman on for years making fun of Jews in insulting ways, so making fun of Jesus, which is how cowardly free speech advocates show that they believe in free speech, seems like no big deal.

And then there's this.
Is this supposed to be funny? A Jew producer opponent, a shadowy hooked nosed main boss, and a robot named Israel killing characters off - I'm sorry did Comedy Central run out of Jewish money lenders to make fun of? From what I've reviewed, the show Drawn together has a character entitled "Jew Producer" who has a JAP wife (see link for explanation) and runs/controls the show. This I guess is supposed to be funny because it's Jews making fun of Jews - I think it's a pathetic stereotype. But hey man its Jews making fun of Jews, that makes it kosher right?
But then to have a robot called ISRAEL run by a guy who clearly looks like something out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion attack the characters of the show, what is the impression your supposed to get if your just playing the game? That Jews and ISRAEL are out there to harm people and ruin things. If the whole point is that the ISRAEL robot is killing off the characters of the show the person likes, is someone supposed to believe that ISRAEL is a good thing then? And the guy pulling "Jew Producers" string looks like an amalgamation of Jewish stereotypes dating back hundreds of years (powerful, hooked nose, in the shadows, sends people off to do his dirty work, all that's missing is the kippah).
Comedy Central has decided that while it can't make fun of a group of people who will go out and kill those who offend them, it can make fun of two groups that won't come after them with a bomb or a knife. How brave of them. I don't know what would possess them to do this other then a pathetic attempt to prove that they are still hip and believe in free speech after they showed the world that they have no guts or spine of any kind. That entire network should be ashamed of itself not only for this but the pathetic double standard it has created.

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