Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bill Bennett Ousted. What Happened In Utah!?

The handwriting was on the wall for Senator Bob Bennett of Utah. His loss at the Utah GOP convention was not a surprise for anyone who was keeping track of the Utah Senate race. The Salt Lake Tribune released a poll on April 27, 2010 that showed that the Senator was in real danger of losing his seat: 
A new Salt Lake Tribune poll of Republican delegates shows Bennett running in third, behind GOP challengers Mike Lee and Tim Bridgewater. Lee logged 37 percent support in the survey, while Bridgewater came in at 20 percent, and Bennett lagged at 16 percent.
Bill Bennett was tossed out by angry conservatives and TEA party members who felt that he wasn't conservative enough to remain in office and that they are fiercely anti-incumbent. Thus, the Senator's voting record and his18 years of representing the state of Utah just painted a big target on his back. There was no way for him to avoid defeat despite spending $2.8 million and getting Mitt Romney's endorsement

It was a futile attempt to get reelected.   
Interestingly enough, while the people of Utah may be angry with Bill Bennett, they still like Mitt Romney. Not surprisingly, a recent poll shows Mitt Romney would crush Obama in 2012 in Utah by a huge margin: Romney 73% vs. Obama 22%.

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