Sunday, February 17, 2013

Welcome To The Conservative Phrontistery!!

After Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election, I wrote the following in a blog post:
"I need to change and improve myself in ways that will contribute to the defense and improvement of my county. The county will right itself but it has to start with us, the individuals and people, have have made this country better and stronger since the founding of this country. People made America and it was often done without government assistance or intervention. Its time to stop believing that electing a President can make things better and believe in our own capacity make a difference in this country.
With Mitt Romney's loss and the failure of the Republican party to do all that it could to help him win in 2012, I have also come to realize that I will no longer follow a single man or party but that I will follow my conservative principles and convictions. I am currently reassessing my relationship with the Republican Party. 
Finally, I am announcing that my blog will undergo a radical transformation in January. My blog will receive a new name. I will change look of the blog. The purpose of my blog will change as well. The subjects that I cover will be different as well."
After taking a well needed break from politics and blogging, I am back. 
As promised, my blog has been transformed. The old title of my blog, Conservative Samizdat, has been discarded. I have also updated the look of the blog. However, the most important change you will see is not visible on your computer screen. I have changed. After much introspection and meditation, changing my diet as well as increasing my time in the gym, changing my media diet, focusing on my career as a lawyer, I am not the same man anymore. 
As a result, I have a new approach to blogging. The majority of blogs are designed to merely provide either share news or opinions. My goal and purpose of this blog is to provoke, challenge and inspire you intellectually, philosophically, and politically in such a way to leave you a better person after reading my blog, determined to make a difference in the lives of others, your community and nation. 
As a result, I won't blog as often as I used to due to the fact I can have a better impact in my daily life in working with others and participating in my community than I will ever have blogging. Which comes to my purpose of the blog. The same is true for each of you out there. Dr. Carson, who has become an instant Conservative superstar, has told people to turn off the television and to educate yourself by reading books and being active in your community. I would add that you should, as much as possible, reduce the amount of time you spend on the Internet and spend more time educating yourself by reading books and increasing the amount of time you spend with your family and friends, at church, and with fellow conservatives. 
The reason for this new approach is because it is the individual and people who have have made this country better and stronger since the founding of this country. That concept was forgotten but rediscovered with the rise of the Tea Party movement. I wish remind and inspire people to never forget this idea because it is the most powerful idea the world has ever known and it originated with the founding of our nation and embedded in our Constitution. It isn't enough anymore to simply remember this truth. It is time for you to live it.

That's why I chose the word "phrontistery" for my blog. I wish provide materials for you to ponder on and think about that will either improve you intellectually or inspire you to go out and make a difference as a conservative. 
I hope I will be able to accomplish that goal in helping you be the best conservative you can be.

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