Sunday, November 11, 2012

Where Do I Go From Here?

I have been purposely avoiding politics for a while now because I'm still trying to get over the shock of the 2012 election. Since I have been a Romney supporter since he ran for President back in 2008, his loss has been very difficult for me to accept. I am still shell shocked and I have been very bummed out lately. Which explains why I've been listening to Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Mogwai and the Blade Runner soundtrack lately. To say that I am bummed out about this election is an understatement.
I have always politically active in supporting conservative causes and candidates but never to the extent that I have in rooting for Mitt Romney. I dedicated a lot of time in blogging, calling, researching, doing other projects and made several donations to the Romney campaign. I was a hard core and loyal Romney supporter. I still am and always will be.
 Like many others, I made an optimistic prediction of Mitt Romney's victory which turned out to be completely wrong. I have also engaged in the same futile quest of trying to figure out how Mitt Romney lost and why.
However, my heart aches not just because Mitt Romney lost, but I fear the consequences of having Obama as president for a second term. Its not Obama that I worry about. I am deeply concerned about the consequences this election will have on our country.
Our country faces a multitude of problems both domestically and internationally. On the home front, we face rising prices for food, gas and other necessities. We are trillions in debt. We face high unemployment. We will see the collapse of entitlement programs unless the necessary modifications or outright elimination of these programs take place. Obama will have the opportunity to appoint three or four new liberal/progressive Supreme Court justices which will forever alter the character of our nation in which we will be a people more dependent on government than ourselves. 
We face problems internationally. We are still battling terrorists. We have major conflicts boiling in the middle east in Syria, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon. Iran, China, North Korea, Russia and Venezuela are our enemies and do not consider our country to be a serious threat or deterrence to their foreign policy objectives. The EU faces a potential meltdown politically and economically.
Another reason why my heart aches is because despite the overwhelming problems our country faces and the lack of leadership, the majority of the American people made the wrong choice. Like President Obama, the majority of the voters in this election are less concerned with maturely confronting the internal and external threats to our nation's sovereignty, economic stability, liberty and integrity and more concerned with the benefits and promises our government has promised them but knows it eventually cannot keep. They have chosen to delegate self-governance, self-reliance, accountability, responsibility, and liberty to a government that has difficulty governing and a leader who cannot lead in exchange for temporary security and empty benefits.  
Like many conservatives and the Republican party, I am asking myself what do we do now and in the future? After many days of pondering, thinking and and analyzing, I have come to the following realizations: 
I need to change and improve myself in ways that will contribute to the defense and improvement of my county. The county will right itself but it has to start with us, the individuals and people, have have made this country better and stronger since the founding of this country. People made America and it was often done without government assistance or intervention. Its time to stop believing that electing a President can make things better and believe in our own capacity make a difference in this country.
With Mitt Romney's loss and the failure of the Republican party to do all that it could to help him win in 2012, I have also come to realize that I will no longer follow a single man or party but that I will follow my conservative principles and convictions. I am currently reassessing my relationship with the Republican Party. 
I will continue to maintain my relationships that I have made with fellow Romney supporters. In speaking with some supporters, we will regroup and reorganize to continue to keep the conservative agenda going. That means that we will take a different and innovative approach to how we will accomplish those objectives.
Finally, I am announcing that my blog will undergo a radical transformation in January. My blog will receive a new name. I will change look of the blog. The purpose of my blog will change as well. The subjects that I cover will be different as well.

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  1. I relate 100% in everything you said here! I believe Mitt did win this had the voter fraud been kept in check and the vote count challenged...why hasn't the vote count been challenged? My own heart ache has been a difficult thing to work through. I look at everything around me and how will it change, what will be different in 4 years and how can we preserve thebest of what is left? We can't give up on what we believe in. Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom before we can pick ourselves back up. Obviously we haven't hit rock bottom enough...but we will and we will pick ourselves back up. Thank you for this article!