Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Somethings For You To Think About As You Watch The DNC Convention

Now that RNC Convention is over and Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee, tonight is the first night of the DNC convention. The point of the convention is not only for the either party to nominate their candidates, but to outline the party's vision for America as express by the that party's candidate. 
It is clear that domestic issues are the most important issues in this election. The number one issue for almost all voters is the economy. However, these were the same issues in the 2008 election and Obama hasn't come up with anything new for the American voter to hear. 

While Obama isn't telling anything new that the American people haven't heard, what has changed is that this isn't 2008 anymore. Obama now has a record and its something he cannot distance himself from, especially when it comes to the economy. The statistics reveal how badly Obama has managed our economy and why we have high unemployment.
As you watch the convention, think about Obama's leadership style, his economic record (and contrast it with Mitt Romney's record on the economy), his promises to create jobs, his plans for reducing the 16 trillion deficit, then ask yourself the following questions: 
Obama has helped make better things for you from four years ago? As he made things better for America now than four years ago? Does this man deserve another four years in the White House? Should we elect the President who is offering the same message that he did in 2008?
Whatever you see and hear from the DNC convention, Obama cannot run away from his record and he doesn't deserve to have another four years in office.

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